Meet the Longevity C2S Team: Ashleigh & Georgia

Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay, and Coburg,have asked some of our Exercise Physiologists why they have decided to participate in this years City2Surf and how they have been preparing for the event.



Ashleigh Mead: Exercise Physiologist and Team Leader at Randwick 

“I have been training with Eleni through Longevity since late 2022. As an active person, my sessions have focused on continuingmy overall fitness and strength whilst making sure I am ready for my weekly netball and touch football games.

With Eleni’s help I am fitter than ever and have been completely injury free for the first time in years!

Eleni has helped me set some long-term fitness goals for 2023. One of these is participating in the City2Surf this year. Previously, I have avoided doing this event due to fear of overdoing it or upsetting a pre-existing injury.

Eleni and I have decided that I will be able to walk it socially with my friends and colleagues. I might even run the final kilometre down to Bondi! For the next few weeks, we will be working on a program that helps make sure I am as ready as possible for the event but still considers my netball games and existing training schedule.”



Georgia Wassall: Exercise Physiologists and Team Leader at Drummoyne

“I have been training with Jack at Longevity Drummoyne for the last two months after retiring from professional athletics earlier this year. Training with Jack has been invigorating and refreshing.

After years of structuring my training around my athletics, I have enjoyed challenging myself in different ways in our sessions. I’ve decided to run this City2Surf socially. I am really looking forward to getting on the start line and not feeling the pressure or nerves that I’m used to with racing!

Jack has been great at keeping me honest with my training to make sure I still have the stamina and strength to run 14km.

I must admit since retiring from athletics I have found it hard to stay motivated with my exercise, so my sessions with Jack have been excellent for keeping me accountable.

I’m looking forward race day and being a part of the Longevity team!”



Although each of our team leaders have different goals for the event, each is working closely with their Exercise Physiologist to safely prepare them for the race. I can’t wait to get amongst these ladies on race day and support the Longevity team!

If you are looking for advice or help with your preparation for the event, please reach out to one of our Exercise Physiologists today!

Written by Racheal Booker


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