A lot of people in gyms complain that cardio can be boring. They’re sick of jogging on the treadmill, spinning or watching time tick away on the rower. But there is an exciting new alternative! Longevity Personal Trainer and Master of Public Health, Rachel Baffsky, has recently become a qualified Punchfit instructor and is offering half price boxing sessions to teach you some new moves to break up your routine.

Why should I box? 

Boxing raises your heart rate and improves cardiovascular fitness. This can lead to serious weight loss! Studies have shown that rigorous boxing can burn up to 728 calories per hour. That’s even more than jogging, which comes in at approximately 557 calories per hour (note: calorie expenditure varies as a function of age, gender and weight). Boxing also increases speed, strength, coordination and agility. Not to mention it’s just fun to hit something! The psychological benefits will be instantly felt.

“Boxing can burn up to 728 calories per hour. That’s even more than jogging which comes in at approximately 557 calories per hour”

Is boxing dangerous?

Regenesis isn’t a fighting gym. We won’t be sparring. We’ll be doing punching drills on the pads that are tailored to individual fitness levels. A major focus of sessions will be teaching correct technique to uphold our core value of putting health first. For this reason, boxing is appropriate for members of all ages. In fact, light boxing is particularly good for older members at risk of osteoporosis as it is a weight bearing exercise that can increase bone density.

It seems unladylike..?

I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t come out of a boxing class feeling empowered. Boxing teaches important skills in self-defence and boosts self-confidence. Furthermore, the myth that boxing will make you look “buff” is a complete fallacy. Women don’t have the testosterone to build bulky muscles. Boxing is a functional workout that tones many muscles of the upper and lower body and core. Since punching is a push movement it will thoroughly work your triceps, tightening those “chicken wing arms” that so many female clients want to get rid of.

Full body? I thought it was just arms..

Another common myth is that boxing only works the arms. I learnt this the hard way after waking up after my boxing workshop with some mighty sore calves. Throwing a proper punch involves extensive pivoting of the feet and rotation of the hips which activates muscles of the lower body you didn’t even know you had. So you’ll be sculpting some serious buns of steel whilst releasing those daily frustrations.

If you are looking to start personal training and exercise physiology in Sydney, we are more than eager here at Longevity Personal Training to get you started! Our team of personal trainers and exercise physiologists is ready to give you the best tailored exercise program to achieve your very personal goals. Partnered with other quality health professionals in Sydney suburbs such as Edgecliff, Double Bay, Woollahra, Killara, Roseville and Lindfield we are looking forward to giving you the best shot at achieving your health goals, whether it’s weight loss, energy or muscle strength training. Don’t hesitate, book in today!

Still not sure boxing’s for you? Let Rachel convince you in person by taking advantage of this limited offer and booking a $35 (down from $70) 30 minute session this week*

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*Offer ends 31st May.

By Rachel Baffsky

As well as being a qualified Punchfit Instructor, Rachel has a Master of Public Health and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.