Static Stretching for your muscles

In our last blog from Exercise Physiologist, Dylan Furey based at Randwick and Marrickville, we learned about the benefits of a Dynamic warm up and when to utilise these benefits. In this blog we will be talking about the benefits of static stretching and when to utilise it effectively for your training and rehabilitation.


Static stretching has been incorporated for many years due to its specificity, easy to implement and relaxing nature.


Static stretching is comprised mostly of 15-30sec holds targeting a specific muscle group like the Quadriceps or Hamstrings. A static stretch is performed by placing muscles at their greatest possible length and holding that position without causing pain.


It is the most commonly seen form of stretching in all health areas and is considered to be quite safe. The benefits that are associated with static stretching is an increase in muscle length and joint flexibility, reduction of muscular soreness due to physical exertion and may reduce frequency of muscle cramps.


Static stretching can be utilised at many different periods of training or regular daily activity. As the benefits seen with Static stretching are an increase in joint range of motion and reduction in exercise induced muscle soreness, static stretching can be used both acutely when needed or part of a chronic long term program to greatly increase flexibility and function.


With repetitive activity, movements or minor injuries, muscle tightness can occur, restricting a joints range of motion. This can be observed in single or multiple muscle groups. Static stretching can be prescribed to specifically target these areas to regain functional range of motion. As little as 3-4×30 secs stretching bouts 3 times a week has been shown to improve muscle flexibility.


In the videos we have Dylan Furey one of our Clinical Exercise Physiologists at our Randwick location at Gym 115 demonstrating some simple static stretches.


Latissimus Dorsi Static Stretch

Lumbar Rotation Static Stretch

If you want any more information on how to prescribe dynamic or static stretching or improve your athletic performance and rehabilitate your injury, Contact any of our Exercise Physiologists at Longevity Edgecliff, Lindfield, Marrickville or Randwick.


Written by Dylan Furey

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