It’s Not “Farewell”, It’s “Good Luck”

Personal Trainer, Exercise Scientist, team member, friend, AFL Legend and all round quality human Nicola Vrachnas is in her last week at Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology.

In just a little over 2 years Nicola has had a tremendous impact on the staff and clients of Longevity and all members of Regenesis Fitness. In her own cheeky and sometimes sneaky way Nicola was able to very quickly adapt to the culture of our business and then proceeded to directly influence it. Her intelligence, teamwork, empathy and supportive nature have been some of the reasons she has been in high demand as a personal trainer within the gym.

Nicola is moving to Perth to pursue two of her great passions: coaching and teaching. I have come to know Nicola very well both in and out of the workplace, leaving me no doubt that this move will continue her growth and the formation of a well rounded and exciting career. It is yet to be clear where her greatest and most lasting impact will be, but what is clear is that she has an impact wherever she goes.

We first crossed paths when Nicola was just a young school student at SCEGGS Darlinghurst and I was coaching part-time to pay my way through University. In no way could either of us have predicted that some 12 years later we would cross paths again and work together.

In the early years of any business, each employee has a tremendous impact. Mostly due to the small number of employees and the number of hats they have to wear and the number of jobs they are asked to complete. Well, Nicola did this in spades. Always willing to help, add value, contribute and most importantly – listen. This was done whenever and wherever it was needed. And like a sponge, she was able to soak up more and more information to hone her craft rapidly and professionally.

We are of course very pleased to welcome 2 new Exercise Physiologists to our team in Angela Vitucci and Daniel Elias Arciuli who we will write an introductory blog on in the next week or so, but needless to say these are BIG shoes to fill.

Nicola, thank you for your honesty, commitment, belief, your singing, your stretches, your footy and cricket talk. You will always be a formative team member at Longevity and we won’t forget that. You are welcome back any time.

We will be having a casual drinks at 6pm this Thursday at the Lord Dudley Hotel in Woollahra to say farewell to Nicola. All staff and clients and friends of Longevity are welcome to attend. Please let us know if you are coming:

But it’s not a “farewell, it’s a “good luck” drinks because I’m sure we will cross paths again both professionally and personally. Let’s just make sure it doesn’t take another 12 years! Thanks for everything, Nicola.

Jarrat Wood

B Sc. (Health and Sport Science)

Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology