COVID has brought about a lot of medical and economic suffering across the globe, but we believe there comes a point in time where we must accept a new reality and recognise that there are plenty of changes to be thankful for, even in the most challenging of times.

We thought we would give you a break from the consistent narrative of doom and gloom and give an update on the Longevity team. Just like everyone else, we are coping day by day and there are certainly some struggles with a change in lifestyle but summarised in 3 words:


We all have our health and our loved ones have their health. We are still producing results for clients, have several clients who we have been able to help spurred by the lockdowns and we are well positioned to continue do the work that we are passionate about.



I am enjoying the extra time spent at home with my partner, Ashley and my 6 month old golden retriever, Murphy. Branching out from Netflix to add Stan to our viewing repertoire has allowed us to enjoy The Office, South Park and Grey’s Anatomy, which is keeping us sane in our 1 bedroom home in Elizabeth Bay.

Providing Telehealth services to clients who could not otherwise access services from allied health professionals (and seeing substantial improvements in fitness) has made me feel fulfilled with my job like never before — although I am missing seeing everyone in the gym.


I have been enjoying spending more time outside, from training clients in local parks and also taking my own training outdoors. I’ve been surprised by how many clients have said they are enjoying outdoor training more than indoors and how intense a workout can be with only a few pieces of equipment!

The lockdown has led me to go on more walks with friends and have more zoom calls with friends living near and far because there isn’t too much else to do. I’ve also really enjoyed spending more time with my sister, doing online yoga classes and working from home together. I’m looking forward to getting back into face-to-face dance classes, being able to see my parents and hug my 3 month old niece, when things return to normal!


Due to Covid-19, I am consulting online only which has enabled me to continue servicing clients that I have trained in the gym and I am also loving the expansion into helping people from rural and remote communities.

For those who know me, I don’t often watch tv however I have managed to finish watching Suits after 1.5 years, I have also watched When they See us and Tiger King. I have been able to spend more time with my house mate, Amy, and we are watching Full House for something light-hearted during this time.

To combat the extra baking I am doing, I am enjoying exercising outdoors and going for long walks. I am forever grateful living in this beautiful city. Based in Neutral Bay, I can walk to Balmoral, Kirribilli, Cremorne, Mosman, Waverton and enjoy the harbour views without jumping in my car. I have also changed up my resistance training by doing more circuits with lighter weights which has been a good change to push me out of my comfort zone.

I have also been using this time speaking with friends and family on video calls, particularly daily calls from my nearly 2 year old adorable niece, Isla, and looking forward to 2 new additions to the family within the next month.


During the lockdown, my partner Emily and I have been lucky to take advantage of the housing market and move from our share house to a 1 bedroom apartment in Cammeray. We have really enjoyed spending more time together and (finally) started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Feeling inspired by Walter White’s home grown ingenuity, we started a garden and farmed a 2.5kg sweet potato. To work off the (slightly unexpected) success of gardening I have been doing plenty of cardio and maintained my gymnastics classes through zoom!

While still adapting to the new environment, I have really enjoyed the variety of outdoor sessions at different parks, home visits and telehealth which has been keeping me busier than before COVID!


I am missing playing Netball and touch-football, but I am keeping active by going for regular runs at the park and tracking myself using the Strava app.

I am currently completing my second 1000 piece puzzle, much to the dismay of my cats who can no longer jump up on the table. I am also enjoying having more time to watch Netflix and play Xbox with my partner. I am looking forward to the return of NRL and have already started preparing my supercoach team.

I am really enjoying the variety of my work at the moment. It is really cool to be able to train someone online and then, within 5 minutes, be down at the park helping someone else with their exercise routine. I am finding outdoor training enjoyable and loving the challenge of helping my clients train at home during Telehealth sessions or Home visits.


First and foremost, I have loved the ability to connect with the entire team again. With regular Zoom calls the entire team is able to get together for a meeting which was getting more and more difficult as the team grew and locations expanded. Working in a matter of weeks to create a new business as primarily an online/home service has provided a challenge that has allowed myself, and the entire team, to grow as leaders and exude “anti-fragility”.

To maintain my fitness I have been running more, which I have come to appreciate now more than ever with my knee finally feeling as though it is close to 100%. I am currently chasing a sub 20 minute 5 kilometre run. For my strength training, I have been exercising with my partner Marcella in our self created “Balcony Gym” conveniently located in our apartment.

I have been able to switch off from time to time and I have watched the new Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix and, on the recommendation of one of my 12 year old clients, binged Tiger King.


I am enjoying working with his clients more in the park and enjoying the challenge of pivoting to a new clinical park/online business. I have had more time to focus on my hip rehabilitation at home after my recent surgery as well as spending time on writing my own book. After binging tiger king and all the documentaries on Netflix, I have moved on to killing eve, after life and a few thrillers.


Let us know how you are doing! Send us a message, post on our Facebook Page or give us a call! How are you and your family? What are you doing to keep busy and active during COVID-19?