What’s your City2Surf? Client Success Stories Continued

Longevity Exercise Physiology, Drummoyne, Edgecliff, Marrickville, Castle Hill, Randwick, Pymble, Kingsgrove, Neutral Bay, and Coburg,   had some amazing client results last week as part of this years  City2Surf. However, our clients who didn’t participate have certainly not been overlooked!

 As par of our Stride2wardsWellness campaign, our Exercise Physiologists sat down with all our clients earlier this year to set an alternate goal for those who could not compete. We’ve had some fantastic results which we’d like to share.

Elly’s* City2Surf

Elly has been training consistently once per week with our Exercise Physiologist Annie, since November 2022. Originally referred by her GP for weight-loss, pre-diabetes, chronic inflammation & multiple musculoskeletal concerns, Elly had a history of injuries from personal trainers in the past and wanted more specialised support. 

Needless to say, the City2Surf was not in the cards for 2023. In consultation with Elly, we concluded that at this stage the distance would put her at greater risk of re-injury & set an alternate goal.

Since commencing training, Elly’s confidence exercising has increased & she is both fitter and stronger.

Her 30s sit-to-stand increased from 4 to 18 reps in 4 months of training! Annie has also worked closely with Elly’s physiotherapist along the way & titrated the load very carefully to ensure the exercises are appropriate and won’t cause injury. As a result, Elly hasn’t had any setback since commencing training with our Exercise Physiologists, something that she is absolutely thrilled about. 

Elly feels that with another 12 months of consistent training, she would like to attempt the Sutherland 2 Surf in July 2024. Elly is very motivated by this goal, and is continuing to walk most days, slowly increasing the frequency & distance. With close supervision & continuing improvements in fitness & strength,  we wholeheartedly believe Elly can do this event in 12 months’ time!

Joshua’s* City2Surf

A few weeks out from the City2Surf race date, Liam had the pleasure of beginning to work with Joshua at the Pymble Longevity Location. Joshua’s goals included improving his overall fitness and increasing his cardiovascular endurance. Joshua also wanted to improve his hamstring strength to reduce inflammation during his football games, as well as some patellar tendonitis and shin splints. Due to these current issues for Joshua, as well as the football season still having a few more weeks to go, Liam and Joshua  decided that participating in this years City2surf was not appropriate and would hinder Joshua’s ability to rehab his hamstring injury properly. The goal for Joshua was to finish the football season with as little pain as possible and reduce further injury risk. To do this, Liam began working on Joshua’s lower limb strength, as well as increasing aerobic capacity through low impact cardio exercise such as the stationary bike. 

Joshua has been seeing Liam once a week for the last month, as well as continuing to play football twice a week.

Joshua has not had any significant flare ups during games and has noted that his overall strength and cardiovascular fitness has also improved after just four weeks of training.

In his Exercise Physiology sessions, Joshua has consistently improved  his total cycling distance while maintaining a steady heart rate. He has also improved his upper and lower body muscular strength, increasing resistances for most exercises already! 

Joshua loves the individualised Exercise Physiology sessions which considers his overall schedule, including  external sport and training. He has been very consistent in his training and rehabilitation exercises as part of his homework. Liam expects to see great results in the coming weeks, and even more so once his football season finishes. 

Well done to all our clients who have achieved some amazing results this month as a part of our Stride2wardsWellness campaign.

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*name changed for privacy reasons

Written By Georgia Wassall


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