Today Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleBalmain and Neutral Bay discuss why it’s important to continue your Exercise Physiology sessions during this lockdown.

There are various reasons other than your physical health as to why you should continue with your Exercise Physiologist’s sessions this lockdown! Below I have delved into a few of these reasons and why it’s important to stay on top of your health.

  • Mental health – exercise can open up a medicine cabinet in your brain that simply improves your overall mood. This is particularly important during lockdown as our mental health can certainly be challenged by staying at home.


  • Muscle loss – with reduced resistance training at home, our muscles begin to lose their strength. This is why it is important to keep going with your Exercise Physiologist so that they can provide you with structured strength training to avoid losing any gains you made prior to lockdown!


  • Fitness reductions – As with muscle wastage, your fitness can plummet as well whilst you’re sitting at home. Keep your cardio sessions up with the guidance of your Exercise Physiologist’s technical programming!


  • Social interaction – We all know the struggle of being locked inside with minimal social interaction with our friends and family. Why not use the essential service of Exercise Physiology and have great chats with your friend during your workout!

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Written by Hannah Boardman