You Know What You Want – Now Go Get It!


Let me start by telling you what most people do once they have decided on what they want – they PROCRASTINATE. And those that don’t procrastinate, overthink it. They spend time setting up a strategy to implement the change, then they assess the plan, then they think about a date to start or ask themselves “when would be a good time to start?”. This might sound sensible. But sometimes sensible doesn’t cut it. The biggest difference between people who are working directly towards what they want and those that are not is simply taking action. You can plan and strategise and brainstorm all that you want but none of that gets you any closer to what you want than completing your first action item.


Naively, I never ever thought that when I first started in this industry that I would see so many people come into join the gym and then say: “I’m just going to get a little bit fitter first and then I will start”. 


Are they serious? 


Let me tell you something else I have found to be true: the only thing worst than the wrong decision, is no decision at all. If you make the wrong decision, you have an opportunity to learn from it. No decision leaves you right where you currently are. This World moves fast – and it is only going to move faster in the future. That means that if you are standing still, you’re actually being left behind. If you ask any successful person, they will tell you about their failures being some of their best life lessons. Instead of fearing failure, we should fear inaction. 



Step 1 of getting what you want is to proclaim it. Tell yourself and the World exactly what you want.

Step 2 is to take action – ANY action.


This week our team will be working on supporting you through a behaviour change that is connected to what you really want. They will help you identify it and to start taking action. Remember, there are no wrong answers. There is no fear of failure. There is only progress OR lessons for the future. We look forward to talking to you and making what you want a reality.


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