We are all counting down the days for that exciting moment when Gladys announces the lockdown is over.

What are you planning to do when the restrictions lift?

Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleNeutral Bay and Balmain want to discuss life after lockdown.

After such a long time in this pandemic, constantly going in and out of lockdowns, its hard to imagine what life will be like once we reach that elusive 80% double vaccinated. So many things we have waited so long for, will slowly become available. But it got us thinking, are we ready for this post pandemic life?

Australia has endured the last 18 months in a sedentary limbo state. As we spent time at home, eating more and not moving as much, our bodies have slowly deconditioned. Once the lockdown lifts, and we begin to transition into post pandemic life, we need to make sure we are physically ready for all the frivolity. Trying to jump straight back in to your old life without proper training could increase your risk of injury, particularly if returning to sport.

So now is the time to take charge and ready your body for all the plans your mind has concocted. But how to we do that?

1. Get vaccinated – Not only will it increase your safety, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is your golden ticket to freedom in the post pandemic world. Whether it’s going to a restaurant, having a drink at a pub, seeing a show or even international travel, being fully vaccinated in the words of Gladys will “be your suit of armour”.

2. Diet – In order to combat those Covid kilos, we need to make sure we are putting the right fuel into our bodies. Following the ‘Australian Dietary Guidelines’ is a great place to start. Improving your diet can not only help manage weight, it can decrease your risk of certain lifestyle diseases and improve energy levels.

3. Exercise – It’s really important we keep our bodies healthy though movement. The Physical Activity Guidelines states adults should be completing 2.5-5 hours moderate intensity exercise per week, along with 2 sessions of strength based training. Regular exercise can help decrease the risk certain lifestyle disease as well as improving cognitive function and mental health.

4. Mental/physical health checks – It’s important to keep tabs on your body and mind, making sure everything is up to scratch. Unfortunately a number of health concerns (eg. high blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol) might not be obvious without professional investigation. While we want you to be active, we also want to ensure you are doing it in the safest way possible.

5. Finally, take it slow and get advice – It’s important that despite all the excitement we take time to slowly get back into the activities we love. This will allow our bodies to slowly adjust to our new way of life. If you are a bit unsure of where to start, we at Longevity are happy to help. We can look at your current fitness and goals and determine the best strategy to maximise your quality of life.

So come on Sydney lets get those bodies sport ready, travel ready, shopping spree ready and beach body ready!

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Written by Naomi Birchnoff