To ensure that we set good exercise habits, it is important to have good routine. Everyone at some stage will find it hard to get into an effective exercise routine or even maintain their current habits due to day-to-day commitments. If we do fall out of our routine, it is vital that we find a way that allows us to keep our exercise habits as regular as possible.

Today, Annabel and the Longevity Exercise Physiology teams at Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwick, PymbleBalmain and Neutral Bay will discuss how routine benefits your exercise routine. 

As humans we are creatures of habit. We succeed most when we can expect what is coming and when we know what to do. This is no different to when it comes to an exercise regime. Especially over the last two years, the pandemic has been able to show us, that when it comes to helping maintain our mental health, routine is key. Breaking our routine slightly, or completely can be the easier option and this leads individuals to not be as effective with their time. Routine is something that guides people through the day, and any changes can be troubling. There is still a lot of pressure in individuals being able to maintain normality for both ourselves and our families, but we need to understand and remember that due to the pandemic we shouldn’t feel obligated to maintain usual everyday life.


“Although routine is important, it doesn’t need to look the same for everyone, and it’s okay to let some things slide at the moment, as we get used to living a ‘new normal’ for a while.”

” (“The Importance Of Routine On Good Exercise Habits”, 2022)


A daily routine has multiple benefits and can support consistency throughout the week. Having a clear routine can help reduce stress and help ground us. For many who experience stress daily, having predictable and fixed events such as regular mealtimes or social interaction can provide safety and security. In turn, this can help to minimise stress and make the day feel more ‘achievable’.


Another benefit of being able to set a routine during the day, is that it encourages you to take care of yourself. Taking time each day to complete self-care, whether that be as simple as washing or getting dressed, or more complex tasks like playing sports, allows us to meet our basic needs. Incorporating self-care practices into our daily routine helps to make these events more concrete and prevent self-neglect.

Now, more than ever, meaningful activities are essential in promoting our wellbeing. This can be anything that really gets you going – whether it’s throwing a living room dance party, playing an instrument, or watching your favourite TV show, it’s important to take time to do the things we love without feeling guilty about it (“Why A Fitness Routine Is Important – Xperience Fitness”, 2022).

It is normal for everyone to have things in their life that disrupt their routine. The important thing is that you re-adjust and find a time that fits into your life to continue to exercise, not letting it become routine to NOT go to the gym. Not exercising for 1 week can quickly become a month and maybe longer. In this time the fitness gains that you made will be lost and the motivation to get back into that routine will be even more challenging.


“Even 10 minutes of exercise is good for maintaining a healthy and balanced life, so keeping a routine should be easy. But you need to be organised and diligent in order to achieve results from a steady routine.”

(“The Importance Of Establishing An Exercise Routine And Sticking To It”, 2022)


When trying to plan your day and set routine, it’s important to not place too much pressure on yourself to make your day perfect. No routine is 100% perfect. It’s okay to skip an exercise class if you are too exhausted or if you need to catch up on some work, it’s important to take that moment to understand where your priorities lie at that time.


“While routine is important, this doesn’t mean that every minute of the day needs to be planned out. Just having three or four key moments in the day, such as mealtimes and exercise slots, can help to put structure in place without too much pressure.”

(“The Importance Of Routine On Good Exercise Habits”, 2022)


If you’re finding it hard to fit exercise into your life, give Longevity Exercise Physiology Edgecliff, Pymble, Marrickville, Randwick, Drummoyne, Balmain, Bella Vista, and Neutral Bay a call on 1300 964 002 to sit down with you and help you find times in your week that you can dedicate to exercise.


Written by Annabel Bergman



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