Client Success Story: How Donna kept exercising through lockdown

Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleNeutral Bay and Balmain look at today’s client success story involving a high school teacher who is managing the stress of working from home with an individualised exercise program.

Donna* has recommenced Exercise Physiology sessions outdoors during COVID-19, seeing Annabel at our Neutral Bay outdoors location. The local oval is the perfect way to get in your exercise as well as be out in the fresh air.

Being a high school teacher, working from home, Donna was finding that prolonged sitting at her home-based desk was making her very stiff at the end of the day. She was getting increased pain in her neck, lower back, and shoulders from poor desk positioning. She was also partaking in less exercise throughout the week due to a lack of motivation and this in turn was contributing to her increased pain and lack of energy.

Wanting to make a change, Donna reached out to Annabel at Longevity, starting one session per week before school. The sessions involved a range of mobility, whole body strengthening and stretching, targeted largely at Donna’s goals. She quickly noticed the large benefits she felt during the day after she had completed the session. She felt like she had more movement in her body, was able to concentrate during her classes and was motivated to perform her own exercise.

Donna* has felt more motivated and has more energy for her classes throughout the day when teaching. She is finding she is less stiff and experiencing less pain in her lower back and neck.

 Shortly after recommencing once per week and seeing the benefits, Donna decided to add another session. This resulted in dramatically improved strength, energy, motivation, and mental health. She found she had the energy to go for walks on her own over the weekends which she didn’t have before.

When Donna first started seeing Annabel, she felt very demotivated with her exercise regime and lethargic during lockdown. Her time at Longevity has seen her progress to increasing her reps and weights during the exercise sessions, improvements in mental health and energy during each day. She notices the dramatic impact that exercise has, and now understands the consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Since completing two individualised exercise sessions at the local outdoor park, Donna has found she has more energy in the day to do more of the activities she enjoys, able to concentrate better during school hours, as well less stiff and less pain during the day when sitting at her desk.

*Name changed for privacy reasons 

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Written by Annabel Bergman

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