Congratulations Mitchell, NSW Strongest Man!

Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne,EdgecliffMarrickville,Bella Vista, Randwick, Lindfield and Balmain would like to congratulate our fellow team member, Mitch, on his achievements in the recent NSW Strong Man Competition. On October 4th, Mitchell Hooper was tested physically and mentally, but with his dedicated preparation, determination and strength he won the title of NSW Strongest Man for 2020! In today’s blog, Mitchell gives us an inside look at the day by taking us through the 5 events that he had to complete.

 1. Yoke run + farmers walk

In this event, the competitors had to walk a 400kg yoke for 10 meters, turn around and carry farmers handles weighing 150kg per hand 10 meters back to the start line.

Mitchell was one of only two competitors to finish this course and managed the feat in 14 seconds to win the event.

2. Overhead medley

The overhead medley required 4 implements to be lifted off the ground and hoisted overhead in a 1 minute time span. A 140kg axle bar, 100kg keg, 85kg circus dumbbell and a 140kg log were the implements of the day.

Shown below is Mitchell completing all implements in a time of 53 seconds, good for third in the event.

3. Deadlift ladder

Again within a 1 minute time limit, the competitors had to deadlift 3 barbells of increasing weight (240kg, 260kg, 280kg) followed by a 300kg axle for as many reps as possible. With 4 reps of 300kg completed, Mitchell won this event.

4. Truck pull

In a classic strongman event, a 9 ton truck was attached to a rope and pulled as far as possible across a parking lot.

Winning this event by only 2 centimetres had Mitchell placed well ahead of his competitors headed into the final event.

5. Stone series

With 5 stones in the series increasing in weight from 150kg to 190kg, the competitors had to lift each stone of increasing weight from the ground over a 1.3m bar.

Rounding out the day 7 hours after the competition began, Mitchell lifted the 150, 160 and 170kg stones to win the competition.

Mitchell attributes most of his success to his work as an exercise physiologist, as he spends his days in Marrickville and Edgecliff treating injuries and chronic conditions, giving him the edge to prevent, screen and treat his own injuries using exercise and exercise modification without losing progress.

Call 1300 964 002 to book a session with Mitchell today!

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