Who Needs Some Me Time?!

One of the pleasures of being an Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist is the number of parents and families whose lives we are able to change and support.

That’s why for all parents who join Longevity Exercise Physiology in February 2023 we would like to offer you 50% off your initial consult!

My wife Marcella and I were lucky enough to be able to share the news that we are expecting our first child in June this year and after working with so many parents over the years I am both excited and nervous about finally becoming one.

It’s at this time of the year that we thing about parents the most. The kids are (finally) on their way back to school and even though you might have had a holiday, you may not have had a break if you catch my drift. It’s this time of the year that it is time consider you and allow yourself to be a little selfish. It’s in the nature of every parent to put their children first. This is important but it also leads to the carer’s dilemma: how much can you continue to give to others if you don’t give to yourself.


“…we would like to remind all our parents in our community to fill their cup up first so that they can be more for their families.”


As one of our EP’s who is a father recently reminded me, when you are on a flight you are always reminded in the safety demonstration to put your mask on first before helping others (including children). So, we would like to remind all our parents in our community to fill their cup up first so that they can be more for their families. More energy, more endurance, more strength, and a longer lifespan to enjoy your time with your family.

By working with a Longevity Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist, you are taking the steps to not just be fit but healthy. And there is a BIG difference. Fitness is only one part of health.  

Some further benefits for parents working with our team include:

1. ‘Me’ time – it is one thing to join a gym or say you will exercise in the park, but it is another to have a booking. Create accountability for yourself to take 60 mins out of your week to spend time on becoming a better you.

2. Families change together – Our EP’s will help you to help your entire family by building strategies that help everybody make changes together. Ask about our expertise for Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Children’s Health. The family that exercises together….

3. Socialisation – Once the kids are at school, it can be great to have some silence, but it can also sometimes be lonely. Get involved at our local gyms and studios and create a new network of friends and take a break from the kids.

4. Role Modelling – Every parent wants a child who exercises or plays and enjoys sport. We need to role model that for our children. You can encourage, cajole, and bribe all you want but when your children see you exercising and participating in a sport, that will do more than any words could ever do.

5. Play the long game – Yes, we could all do more for our kids now but what good is that if we compromise what we can be for them in the future. Give to yourself to be able to give to others. Longevity is all about making the best long-term decisions for yourself. Your Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist will strike the right balance as you deal with the stresses and ups and downs of parenthood.

Let’s work together to help you be as healthy in the future (or healthier) than you are now.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be in better shape when the kids leave school or leave the nest than what you were when they were little?

We have been guiding parents through these phases for years and we would love the opportunity to help you do the same.


For all parents who join Longevity in February 2023 we would like to offer you 50% off your initial consult.

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Written by Jarrat Wood


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