The Apps I’m using during COVID-19

The current COVID-19 environment has been challenging for everyone. Two of the biggest challenges have been maintaining social connection and obtaining reliable information. I know for me personally, working more from home has resulted in a much higher use of technology including Television, Internet streaming, Mobile phone, and Laptop. In this blog I have decided to reflect on the specific Apps that I have been using during COVID-19 and discuss how they have helped me and my community stay connected and informed whilst socially distancing/isolating during this time.

The Apps I’m using to keep myself and my clients healthy, safe and connected through COVID-19:


Facebook is an all-rounder and I have been using it a lot more during COVID-19 – personally and for work.

I have been using it to stay connected with Family and Friends. It is great to be able to see photos of everyone and to chat to friends via messenger.

The Longevity team have also been putting a lot more time into our Facebook page and as a result are engaging with a much wider online community. We are all enjoying answering your questions and creating engaging content to showcase what we are all about. Check it out here

Easy Diet Diary

This is a great food tracking app that I have used for myself and one that I frequently recommend to clients. The Australian app allows you to log all food/drink and exercise each day. It is very user friendly and is a great way to keep yourself accountable to healthy eating and exercise.

I often get my clients who are trying to make a healthier lifestyle change to give it a try and report back to me after a week. Together we can then discuss little changes that they can make to improve their diet/exercise regime and identify whether they need to be referred to a dietitian for extra support.

Call/Text/Email Apps

Now more than ever it is so important to stay connected to each other. I am making sure that I am checking in regularly with family, friends, clients and community contacts.

I am also encouraging my network to reach out to each other, even just to say hello. Even those who are not isolated can feel lonely and many people are experiencing mental health symptoms in the current environment.

COVID Safe App

The Longevity team have all downloaded and registered for the COVID Safe app to keep ourselves, our clients, and our greater community safe.


I have been using Strava to track the time/distance and route of my runs. This has allowed me to set short-term and long-term goals and then accurately measure my steps towards them.

I have also recommended this app to clients who are keen runners are were looking to set more serious goals or track their running routes more accurately.


This is a great software/app that allows us as Exercise Physiologists to create interactive exercise programs for our clients. It also provides a safe, easy platform for Telehealth sessions. This has meant that I have been able to continue to provide exercise treatment to my older, higher risk clientele from the comfort and safety of their home. It also means that we can chat Face-to-face via video and therefore provides a positive social element to look forward too each session.

Check out our previous blog for more info on how we are using Physitrack for Telehealth.

Health App

An I-phone App that I use to help clients track their step count and incidental activity. Clients are often surprised at how low their step count is at the end of the day and hence this app can encourage them to get out and fit in a quick walk before dinner. It is great for making long-term lifestyle change as it provides a numerical goal/target and you are accountable to your own data.

I have definitely been surprised at how my step count has been affected by working from home. As I am not on my feet doing face-to-face clients in the gym at the moment – my average incidental step count has gone down. This has prompted me to try and fit in an extra 20 min walk or bike ride every second day.

The app also lets you track sleep, diet, body measurements etc and can be linked with a Fit bit.


The Longevity team have been using Zoom for all of our team meetings. It is an app that allows you to video call, message and share screens with others (who are invited via link into a particular zoom meeting).

I have also been using Zoom for telehealth sessions with my clients. We have been able to easily stay connected and continue with their training and health goals. I demonstrate exercises and then watch my client perform them while I give feedback and corrections.

What Apps/Technology have you been using?

For help with lifestyle change and exercise options during COVID-19 call Longevity 1300 964 002


-Written By Ashleigh

Ashleigh Mead

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