Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology ask Nat, recent new graduate and Leader of our Kingsgrove location, to shine a light on her first few months at Longevity.

In my brief yet transformative four months with Longevity, I’ve witnessed a professional evolution beyond my initial expectations as an Exercise Physiologist (EP). Initially focused on clinical, face-to-face interactions with clients, I quickly found myself presented with unforeseen opportunities.

Within the first two weeks, I was invited to join the Emerging Leaders program, an initiative aimed at cultivating higher-level thinking and refining leadership skills. The experience, though initially daunting, has been instrumental in preparing me for a future leadership role.

More recently, I stepped into the realm of marketing, a domain I hadn’t anticipated exploring. Surprisingly, this foray into marketing has proven invaluable, not only enhancing my client interactions but also providing a comprehensive understanding of the strategic “why” behind our business.

Longevity, I’ve discovered, is more than just a workplace; it’s a dynamic environment where growth is not confined to clinical roles. The company fosters a culture that encourages exploration and development across various facets of the business.

As I look ahead, I am eager to continue this journey of growth within Longevity. Whether it’s leading a team or delving further into marketing strategies, the opportunities seem boundless. Longevity isn’t merely a job; it’s a platform for those ready to uncover their latent potential and embrace a future filled with growth and unexpected possibilities. Here’s to the ongoing chapter of professional development and unforeseen opportunities at Longevity.

Congratulations Nat on a fantastic start to your career with Longevity!

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Written By Nat Najem