More than a Job: Vasco’s Journey to Longevity

Setting the scene

My journey with Longevity started almost 4,000km away from any of it’s clinics, in Perth, with a simple phone call. A phone call that, unbeknownst to me at the time, would give me the opportunity to become part of the #bluetsunami of Exercise Physiologists (EP’s) set to revolutionise Australia’s healthcare.

So why did I apply, and choose Longevity?

If you’re reading this then, like me, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the vast array of opportunities that Longevity advertises. Consistently. Being the fastest growing allied health company in Australia, with over 50 EP’s in 14 locations spanning Sydney, Melbourne, and the ACT – it’s inevitable. 

Which draws me to the first reason as to why I chose Longevity.

Making Waves

Longevity’s ability to consistently advertise new opportunities and avenues to grow in such a young industry was and is still unparalleled: Which, to me, sends an impactful message that they are creating change and sticking to their mission. 

“Revolutionising healthcare by guiding all Australians to live longer, healthier lives through exercise”. 

A sticking point that resonates with me, is Longevity’s mission statement. As I said before, our profession is young, and despite the necessity of our expertise and intervention in people’s health; we are often overlooked, under-referred, and devalued. However, with the emphasis on ” revolutionising healthcare,” Longevity looked like a clear cut fit for me, as I deeply believe exercise to be the silver bullet in preventing chronic illness, treating our injuries, and improving our ability to LIVE. 

“If exercise was packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in this nation” – Robert Butler

Built by People, For People

 Reading a Longevity job advertisement on Seek you’ll come across a few key points under “About the Role”. One stood out to me in particular.

Commonly advertised as a “benefit”, it was instead shown to be an active part of the role. This was entirely new to me, as ever since being at university we were taught to treat our patients and clients in a time-effective manner to maximize results, but is this really effective for long term health? This message is reinforced by some of Longevity’s first clients still remaining active members of the community after over 10 years

Returning to the mission statement, we can clearly see what Longevity now means by Influential team member’s and inspirational storytelling. We simply cannot create incredible client journeys without an evergreen relationship with them. 

This also isn’t limited to just the clinician-patient relationship. A quick browse through the Longevity website, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts and it’s clear to see that the Longevity EP’s have an incredible “team” bond as well. 

The Bottom Line

In every pursuit for a new role, or maybe just the casual “Seek browse” we are of course always looking for an opportunity that may be rewarding, but also looking for a company to take care of us enough: and I was no different. 

Longevity however, far and beyond met my expectations within the industry by offering unmatched team member benefits compared to the industry norm, and makes you realise why it has been the fastest growing allied health company in Australia. 

  • Access to a corporate health plan
  • A minimum of 2 hours (which can quickly increase once you start) of personal and professional development WEEKLY.
  • An annual budget of $1000 for professional development (looking at you ESSA fees) to EACH team member.
  • Complimentary gym memberships, EP services, as well as family and friend discounts.
  • Ipad and/or Laptop.
  • And of course the best for last, an ANNUAL company wide retreat. 

The best part, none of this was tiered behind years of service, previous experience, was not set as performance bonuses meaning a graduate with the right toolset was more than welcome. To me, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to grab hold of where the sky was the ceiling, and we were encouraged to reach for it. 

Fine, You’ve Convinced me to Apply. What Can I Expect?

Great question! Even amongst the fast growing team, you’ll find impeccable personalities and characters such as Angela, Operations Manager, and Ryan, Marrickville Team Leader, who interviewed me on the eve of November 2023. Which, a quick interview over Zoom, and some questionable convincing that the weather “Is not that bad in Sydney” (points to the storm brewing behind Ryan.) I was fully on board with what they wanted to achieve: Become Australians first point of contact for improving their lifespan and healthspan through exercise.

Like I’ve mentioned before, Longevity is not just after the most experienced EP or the “best” clinician: While it certainly matters, Longevity is after people who are willing to start creating their own story and become the cause of their world. This was reflected by the style of interview. While being personable, both Angela and Ryan really wanted to get to know my weaknesses, how I reacted under pressure and when I didn’t know the answer, but more importantly,  my own personal and professional aspirations. 

If you’re then one of the driven, motivated and passionate EP’s out there that has been welcomed into the Longevity #bluetsunami, you’ll be greeted with open arms from the newest team members, senior leaders, and right through to the director. You’ll quickly be able to tap into some of the brightest minds in the industry, experience collaboration like you’ve not seen before, but ultimately, start to weave your own waves through your excellent storytelling.


Leaving thoughts

Getting into the industry, or even changing career paths, can be tough and intimidating. However, I encourage anyone that is considering, or has already applied to reach out to myself through my LinkedIn profile and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Best of luck, and i’ll see you soon #bluetsunami.

Want to join our team? Email Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay, Rhodes, Five Dock, Casey, Gungahlin and Coburg at to start your application process.

Written by Vasco Da Silva


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