Longevity Exercise Physiology Rhodes — How We’re Helping The Worlds Most Searched Health Conditions

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we are experts in prescribing exercise and promoting behaviour change for the management and prevention of chronic health conditions. We have helped many individuals to manage their conditions, prevent them from reoccurring, and achieve goals they might not have thought possible, resulting in a better quality of life. 

So what are the most searched health conditions?

#1 Diabetes

For me information about diabetes and exercise, see here – https://longevitypt.com.au/blog/diabetes-and-exercise/ 

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we have over 10 years of experience in helping people with diabetes to manage and treat their condition, improving their quality of life in the process.

#2 Cancer

For me information about Cancer and exercise, see here – https://longevitypt.com.au/blog/king-charles-cancer-diagnosis-how-exercise-can-help/ 

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we have helped 100’s of people suffering with different forms of Cancer to improve their quality of life, no matter what stage of the cancer they are in.

#3 Pain/Arthritis 

For more information about Pain and Arthritis, see here – https://longevitypt.com.au/blog/exercise-is-it-the-cause-or-cure-of-osteoarthritic-pain/ 

Pain and arthritis is one of the most common issues that our Exercise Physiologists see day to day. At Longevity Exercise Physiology we have extensive experience in treating and managing arthritis and pain to help people live better lives and achieve their goals. 

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we are passionate about helping people to live better lives by treating and managing any health conditions they might have, as well as helping them to achieve goals they might have thought would never be possible.

All of our Exercise Physiologists are professionals at prescribing personalised exercise that best suits your health conditions, preferences, and goals.

How Can We Help You?

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we deliver gym-based exercise sessions. Our team in Rhodes has been servicing clients all around the Inner west and suburbs of Sydney, including Homebush, Ryde, Putney, Strathfield, Lidcombe, Sydney Olympic Park, and Ermington.

To make physical activity as convenient and accessible as possible, we also offer sessions in following settings to all our clients:

  • Gym (Club Lime Rhodes – see gym tour video below)
  • Outdoor (local community parks)
  • Home visits
  • Telehealth (online via video)

 If you, or someone close to you, are experiencing any of these health conditions, Longevity Exercise Physiology also offer NDIS services at Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay, Rhodes, Five Dock, Casey, Gungahlin and Coburg. can help. Enquire today on 1300 964 002 for more information or to book an initial consultation.

Written by Izaac Hughes

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