Nearing completion of my degree, I found myself staring at the saturated job market. Uncertain of which direction to take as a new graduate exercise physiologist. It was during this confusing and uncertain time that a peer suggested I explore Longevity Exercise Physiology.

What immediately caught my attention was not just the number of exercise physiologists within this company, but the exceptional quality of each individual. Longevity EPs present with diverse exercise backgrounds and professional experiences, forming an impressive team of experts, who I knew I could learn invaluable knowledge.

Upon first impression, I could see there were no limitations based on specific conditions or injuries. It was evident that longevity prioritised accessibility and client focused care above all else.

Weekly team and individual professional development meetings promised to guide my growth towards both personal and career aspirations and provide the opportunities for achieving them.

The concept of gym-based service not only aimed to facilitate long-term exercise adherence for clients but also provided a familiar setting for me as a new clinician, having previously worked as a Personal Trainer and Gym consultant. The seamless transition and familiarity with the equipment eased my entry into the new role.

I had never heard of Longevity before, but from what I could see from their webpage and LinkedIn profile I wanted to work here, and I submitted my application. Bracing myself for what I assumed would be a lengthy waiting period. To my surprise, within 48 hours, I received a LinkedIn follow request from Angela, the Operations Manager at Longevity. Less than another 24 hours later, Angela was on the phone, eager to discuss my relocation from Canberra to Sydney. I was immediately surprised by the company’s proactive approach to ensuring a seamless integration between my work and personal life, even before I officially joined the team.

Following interviews with Angela, Ryan (Marrickville Team Leader), and further discussions with Longevity Director Jarrat Wood, the conversation delved into the extensive mentorship and growth opportunities that awaited me at Longevity. It was an offer to join the Castle Hill team that I had not anticipated would come so soon. I was excited to begin, and it briefly slipped my mind that I still had not secured a place to live in Sydney. Nevertheless, I was warmly welcomed by my new team leader, Luke, and invited to the team retreat in Newcastle.

The retreat served as an excellent opportunity for me to immerse myself in the company culture and connect with the exceptional EPs who I had seen on the Longevity Website. In just 15 minutes amidst a conference room filled with ocean of blue shirts, the Longevity team members welcomed me, and I already felt like a part of the team.

Fast forward to Mid-February, I had secured an apartment in the Parramatta region with an easy drive to Plus Fitness Castle Hill, my new work location. My first day was smooth and began with my first one on one meeting with Luke, and a team meeting with my new colleagues Zac and Rhiannon. The energy in the gym was perfect, we had a confident, young, and supportive team with a focus to provide exceptional client experience. With the guidance of Luke, we were entrusted to build upon the culture and experience of the Castle Hill team before us.

After my first month of working with the team at Castle Hill, I have gained some regular clients who bring joy to my work and provide me the confidence that I made the right decision joining Longevity. I already feel confident in my ability to communicate with clients and tailor exercises to the individual. Longevity’s extensive learning resources that are included within the team onboarding process has advanced my client service and communication skills beyond any other learning resource I had been exposed to.

In hindsight, what began as uncertainty about where to take my post-graduation path has become a journey of growth and support at Longevity Exercise Physiology. I now understand that Longevity commits to developing their staff as priority. As I continue to be a part of the team, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that lie ahead and the incredible team who will advance the growth within my career.

Written by Mitchell Parr