PAID Work Experience Opportunity with Longevity

There is a method that makes great practitioners that is different to being a great student. Longevity is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Exercise Physiologists by providing additional mentorship, support and guidance to compliment students in their final years of study and prepare them for life beyond university.

To continue to support the growth and development of Exercise Physiology students, Longevity Exercise Physiology are excited to announce our first ever PAID Longevity Internship.

We are offering 5 current Exercise Physiology students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through our 5 week Internship Program, where each recipient will be rewarded $4000.

Students will receive the following as part of our internship program:

  • Invaluable access to 1:1 mentoring with our Senior Longevity Exercise Physiologists, including our Director, Jarrat Wood 
  • Real word experience prescribing and delivering world class exercise physiology services   under the guidance of one our our Longevity Exercise Physiologists 
  • Invited to attend one or multiple of the following; company social events, informal social events, company and location PD meetings, Longevity Book Club and Investment club
  • The opportunity to experience and become a part of our fantastic work culture and connect with like minded health professionals 
  • Potential for a formal job offer with Longevity Exercise Physiology at the completion of your internship

Students who are successful in their application will need to demonstrate they have an eagerness for growth and continual learning and resonate strongly with our mission; to revolutionise healthcare by guiding all Australians to live longer, healthier lives through exercise.

We will also be reserving one position for a student who is currently facing economic hardship in an effort to help support those who need it most.

Submit your application, to and answer the following questions as well as a copy of your CV. 

  1. University details including year of study 
  2. Why do you want to be apart of our Longevity Internship Program?
  3. What is one thing you would change about our current Australian healthcare system and treatment model? As an Exercise Physiologist, how will you contribute to making this a reality? 
  4. Through your time as a student, have you had to overcome or are you currently still facing any socio-economic hardship? 

Applications will close on April 30th. We look forward to connecting with and supporting the future of Australian Exercise Physiology through this process.

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