Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickLindfield and Balmain has seen fantastic new developments once again since the start of the year. Today we thought to give everyone an update with what’s been happening with Longevity!

Quarterly Meeting

Along with the month of April came our first quarterly meeting of the year—and this was a huge one. We looked at new ideas and had leaders stepping onto big roles, presenting their topics. It was amazing to see the progress that we have made as a team. There were plenty of things we learnt and it was extremely valuable seeing all our team members together under the same roof.

The day could not have finished any better with plenty of chats at the table, a bit of banter, and not to mention delicious food and drinks.

Growth of our locations

Part of the reason why Longevity keeps growing is the continued success of our individual areas. All our team members are now full-time across Longevity Edgecliff, Drummoyne, Randwick, Balmain, Bella Vista and Marrickville.

Over at Drummoyne Plus Fitness, Georgia continues to get busier, while at the same time she is training for her Nationals 800m competition that is coming up. Good luck Georgia!

Steph at Balmain in Balmain Sports Medicine is continuing to deliver excellent results with clients and is getting busy as the same time as well!

At Bella Vista, Jackie is developing great community culture with his clients over at New Image Personal Conditioning.

Guy is at Marrickville Anytime Fitness hitting new records for not only his location but also for his powerlifting competition in March, getting multiple PBs and racking up to a 560kg total!

Daniel and Susannah have now shifted from Lindfield over to Pymble North Shore Gym due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite this, they continue to deliver excellent sessions for our clients despite various changes earlier this year.

Ashleigh has shifted from Edgecliff over to Randwick Anytime Fitness, stepping up as not only as team leader for the location but head of marketing for Longevity as well!

Finally, at Edgecliff Regenesis Fitness we have Angela, Courtney, Guy, Shannon and Mitchell continuing to grow our largest location. We also have had clinical placements happening, which gave students a great opportunity to see the culture of Longevity.

These are exciting times for us all and we appreciate all our clients for keeping up with what’s been happening with us. We appreciate every single one of our clients in their continued support and we will make sure to continue to keep updating you on what goes on with Longevity.

Happy training everyone!

Written by Jackie Cheung