Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology DrummoyneEdgecliff, Marrickville, Bella Vista, Randwick, Pymble, Neutral Bay and Balmain  are sharing some of our amazing client achievements over the past 12months. We acknowledge that this year has been particularly difficult for us all. Our clients were able to overcome the challenges they faced during lockdown to still achieve some incredible results. Below are a few brief snippets of what some of our clients have achieved this year. We are so proud of you all!


Exercise Physiologist, Shannon

Nick joined Longevity in Late February after a referral from his dietician. He needed a lifestyle change and had not exercised consistently for many years. One of his main goals was to begin walking long distances again. Nick has previously gone on many trips all around the world walking long distances and wants to be able to continue these kinds of trips in the years to come.

Nick began training with our Exercise Physiologist Shannon two times a week and consequently started to see improvements in his strength and fitness. However, when Nick increased his sessions to three times a week during the lockdown he really excelled. Instead of slowing down during this challenging time, he chose to prioritise his health and increase his activity levels both in the gym and at home.

Since February, Nick has lost nearly 20kg and feels this is the strongest and fittest he’s been for many years. He has lost 13cm around his waist and reduced his body fat percentage by 8%. He can now perform free squats when previously a sit to stand off a high bench was difficult.

Nick’s results are a testament to his amazing adherence to his gym and home programs. He is yet to miss a session in the gym, and completes walks and stair climbs each morning for added cardio training.

Nick has found a new love for keeping active and is motivated to continue losing weight and improving his fitness so he can be the healthiest he can possibly be.


Exercise Physiologist, Josh

Sarah came to Longevity through the NDIS to manage her hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

Her goals were to improve her balance, improve her aerobic fitness, whole body strength and lose weight

After just two months of training, Sarah improved her lower body strength by 27%, upper body strength on her arm affected by 28% and walking capacity by 24%. These improvements allowed Sarah to move around her house with more confidence and complete more tasks independently.

Recently, Sarah has begun stretching and strengthening her side affected by cerebral palsy to improve her spasticity and motor control.  A month ago, Sarah was able to hold a fruit cup in her affected hand for the first time!


Exercise Physiologist, Angela

Lorraine is a 63 year old woman who began training with Angela at Longevity for management of her lower back pain, shin splints and shoulder bursitis. Lorraine’s goal was to decrease the frequency and severity of her intermittent lower back pain. Her more specific strength goals included being able to complete one unassisted pull up and deadlift 50kg.

In Lorraine’s first session with Angela, they developed a strategy to ensure Lorraine would achieve her goals. Lorraine’s strategy involved completing resistance training sessions 4 times a week (1-2 supervised) and walking on non-strength training days.

Prior to lockdown Lorraine trained once a week with Angela and was compliant with her independent sessions. Lorraine’s shoulder bursitis improved, and she was able to progress to assisted pull up exercises. Lorraine also achieved her goal of a 50kg deadlift.

Due to the closure of gyms during lockdown, Lorraine and Angela had to reassess Lorraine’s strategy. Lorraine begun telehealth sessions with Angela two times a week and completed three unsupervised sessions a week at home. At home equipment included resistance bands and light weights and 1x 12kg kettle bell. Lorraine’s ability to continue with her training and stay committed allowed her to return to the gym once the lockdown lifted with the ability to lift the same weights as what she was  prior to lockdown. 


Exercise Physiologist, Guy

Guy started working with Alina at the end of May after being referred to Longevity Exercise Physiology for management of her Osteopenia. She had never been in a gym before at the age of 69.

Maree began training with Guy twice a week. Fast forward to November, Maree has consistently trained twice a week all year. She has made amazing progress in her physical fitness and strength training and her confidence has skyrocketed. Perhaps what’s most impressive is that her favourite exercise is a barbell back squat! Not bad for someone who had never been in a gym until their late 60s.

When Maree* goes for walks around the city, she often practises her tandem walking, single leg hopping and push ups on bicycle racks.


Exercise Physiologist, Courtney

Amy is a 53 year old women who started training with Courtney in March with the goal to increase whole body strength and reduce weight. Amy has been struggling with achilles tendon pain and plantar fasciitis for over 12 months. Amy began training with Courtney 2 times a week so she could set a good routine and put herself in the best position to achieve her goals.

Amy had never previously trained in a gym, but the quiet and friendly environment at Edgecliff was a great place for her to start and build her confidence. She now attends the gym independently at least 1x per week in addition to her 2 Exercise Physiology sessions.

Over the last 8 months, Amy has lost 8 kgs, improved her 30 second sit to stand test from 8 to 18 repetitions, and her achilles pain has reduced significantly. Most importantly, she has reported that Exercise Physiology has changed her life. She can now get upstairs easier, get off the floor with less effort and can get out of chairs without using the arm rests.

Our clients and their amazing achievements and commitment to their training is what makes working at Longevity so incredible. So from the whole team, thank you to our clients for choosing us to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You are all incredible!

Have you been thinking about making a change? Come and be a part of the Longevity family! We are so excited to meet you and start helping you improve your health.

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