John* is a 79 year old male who began training with Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology in August 2016. John has trained twice per week at his home since he started. He doesn’t like a public gym environment, so he has a home gym set up instead. Equipment available is a treadmill, cross trainer, cable machine and some free weights.

John is overweight, has hypertension and has bulging discs from L2-S4. His goals are to decrease body weight, maintain cardiovascular health and quality of life, and ironically his main goal is… Longevity.

Due to Covid-19 and being over the age of 60, John opted for Telehealth sessions as his family began to self-isolate. Physitrack sessions began on 20th March. John is sent an email prior to his appointment, and then he clicks on the link to start the video call. He uses his mobile phone placed on his book shelf and he can angle it to whichever position of the room is required.

John has achieved great results. His treadmill is in mph, something we have never been able to change! He began walking at 1.5mph (~2.4kph) in 5 minute bouts. Since December 2018, he can now tolerate walking at 3mph (~4.8kph) for over 10 minutes. The duration has been a target that we continue to increase, gradually. Before transitioning to Telehealth, John had increased his overall strength by +55% since he began in 2016. John has been able to maintain these results even after the transition to Telehealth.

Not much has changed in terms of John’s exercise sessions. The only difference is that his Exercise Physiologist is now live with him through his phone. The Telehealth sessions ensure that he maintains structure, adheres to correct technique and avoid injury, as well as maintain motivation.

*Name changed for privacy

If you are thinking about starting Telehealth sessions, give Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology a call on 1300 964 002.


–Written by Angela Vitucci