Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, Edgecliff, Marrickville, Bella VistaRandwickLindfield and Balmain today look at the amazing accomplishments of the Longevity team, despite the year 2020 being different to most.

Longevity year in review

2020 has been an unforgettable year for us all providing unforeseen challenges and obstacles in a magnitude most of us have never faced before. Read below for a timeline of major events in 2020 for your Longevity team!


Longevity retreat

As we do every January, the Longevity team went to Caves Beach to set goals and plan the next year of business. With many opportunities for expansion and new staff members, we set a growth mindset and were very energized for a successful 2020.


Susannah becomes a mum!

Although she had not joined us yet, Lindfield team member Susannah becomes a mum after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, Oscar.


Longevity Drummoyne opens

Operating out of Plus Fitness Drummoyne, Longevity opens a 5th location!


Georgia Wins NSW 800m Title

 Soon to be Longevity staff member Georgia wins one of the last races of the year to take out the NSW women’s 800m title.


In what seemed to be a nightmare, COVID-19 had begun to spread to the point that gyms had to be shut down. Despite some low moments this might have produced the biggest success of the year. Expansion of our online sessions via ZOOM and an increased number of park sessions allowed us to continue treating a large portion of our clients. 



Angela becomes an aunt to a new niece and nephew


Edgecliff team leader Angela was able to go home to Griffith to spend time with her family (while still providing telehealth sessions), which luckily coincided with the introduction of 2 new family members!


Shannon begins her EP career

Soon to be Longevity team member Shannon begins her EP career after graduating in the midst of a pandemic.


Welcome Georgia!

Aforementioned track superstar Georgia lands a very competitive role with Longevity! Tasked with growing our newly opened Drummoyne location and helping to facilitate growth by lending a hand in Lindfield, Georgia hit the ground running, and hit the ground running on day 1.



Longevity Bella Vista Opens

 With the second expansion of 2020, Longevity takes on a new Location in Bella Vista and with that adds another team member, Jackie! Despite being across the city, Jackie became “one of us” from the get go with regular ZOOM meetings and some face to face planning sessions.

 Welcome Steph!

Adding yet another team member to Lindfield, Steph lands a job with Longevity.


Mitchell gets engaged!

Mitchell proposes to his girlfriend Ashley, for some reason she says yes and they take off to Byron Bay to celebrate.


Welcome Shannon and Guy!

With additions of Shannon in Edgecliff and Guy in Marrickville, the Longevity team has never been larger, stronger or more skilled. 








Longevity Balmain Opens

Operating out of Balmain Sports Medicine and led by newly added all star Steph, Longevity adds a seventh location.


Welcome Susannah!

Susannah joins the growing team north of the bridge and adds a high level of expertise and experience to our Lindfield location.


Mitchell Wins NSW Strongest Man

The second state title for your Longevity team in 2020, how good.

 Ashleigh Dives With Sharks

Ashleigh ticks off a bucket list item and dives with a Great White Shark in South Australia! She comes back to Sydney with a few incredible pictures and lifetime memories.


Boat Party!

The Longevity team gets together with all of our partners to celebrate Christmas and a crazy 2020 year.


Yes, 2020 has been tough. We have, at times, been worried about our jobs, our physical health, our mental health, our families and our clients. 2020 has also been the most successful year for Longevity to date. With many opportunities to continue to grow one of the largest and most skilled EP businesses in the country, we can’t wait to see what 2021 has to offer.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a fantastic new year


From your Longevity team – Jarrat, Angela, Daniel, Mitchell, Courtney, Ashleigh, Georgia, Steph, Guy, Shannon, Jackie and Susannah

Written by Mitchell Hooper