Returning to Gyms: Exercise Physiologists are your Best Asset

With the recent announcement that gyms will be allowed to open from June 13th  many will be eagerly awaiting the return to their normal exercise routines. For some, however, there will still be a sense of uncertainty surrounding health, safety and timing.

That is why your Exercise Physiologist is your best asset as you get ready to return to gyms. An Exercise Physiologist is a health professional who will individually assess your exercise strategy and whether it is safe for you to return to a gym environment. Who better to determine whether exercise is safe and assess your health risk than a health professional who understands the pathology of all diseases and is specifically trained to prescribe the correct exercise to treat them?

Longevity Exercise Physiology will be gym-based, from Monday 16th June, in the following locations:

Why you need your Exercise Physiologist during the COVID-19 Return to Gyms

  • As health professionals – health comes first! They will make informed decisions and choose the best strategy for you.
  • Health professionals who care about minimising the spread of infection and will do everything in their power to provide a SAFE, CLEAN, CLINICAL environment.
  • A safe re-introduction back into structured exercise – essential to prevent injury and keep you moving.
  • Exercise prescription to treat any atrophy (loss of muscle mass) and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness (risk factor for CVD).
  • Individualised. Target the areas that YOU NEED and improve your function for day-to-day activities that YOU DO!
  • Technique! Someone to show you how to perform exercises properly and make adjustments based on your ability, injuries and health conditions.
  • For support. They have supported you through the transition of exercise outside of gyms/in your homes and now they can help you navigate further change and adjust to another new exercise routine.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists:

  • Minimum 4 year university degree
  • Are under the governing body ESSA
  • Hold a Current CPR and First Aid Certificate
  • Complete continued education every year
  • Have been screened by NSW Health (and up to date with all immunisations)

Longevity Exercise Physiologists

  • Have completed the Aus.Government Infection Control Training
  • Have had their Flu Shots
  • Apply Social Distancing
  • Clean all equipment and surfaces before and after use
  • Keep up to date with current health recommendations
  • Make an individualised strategy and safety plan for every client
  • Prescribe exercise to meet the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines

The Longevity Team have helped you adapt your exercise routine during COVID-19 and now we are ready to help you safely return to your gym-based routine. Give us a call to discuss your individual strategy today 1300 964 002. 

Hear directly from Longevity Director, Jarrat Wood:

Click Here to read more about the June 13th Gym-Reopening Announcement 

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