“I made it!!! Thanks for your help, now towards September :-)”.

September being in reference to the State of Origin in which Claire will be representing NSW against QLD as I did in 2008. Claire had represented NSW before but after some recent feedback from coaches she knew she needed to improve her speed to increase her chances of being selected again. Like all good athletes she set about working on her weaknesses and we put together a speed program about 6 weeks ago. Claire is an experienced player and I’m sure she would have made the team regardless but it is that tenacity to seek constant improvement that makes a great athlete. Well done, Claire.

Stav was the next to text me her results early Sunday morning after the Half Marathon. This is how the text read:

“I did it!!! I finished! My watch says I ran 21.62km in 2:02:32!!! I took your advice and focused on feeling good and enjoying myself and I mostly did. You are so smart. You knew I could do it and what time I could do. Have I told you lately that you are awesome?!”.

Likewise Stav, likewise. In her very first half marathon Stav has run an incredible time, faster than 10km/hr average pace. As much as I appreciate Stav’s words she is the one that really deserves the praise for her endless dedication and perseverance with a training program that she balances around her incredible work with education for disadvantaged youths and working on her PhD.

Nigel was the next to hit me with an excited text:

“Hi Jarrat, my official time was 1:32:09 so I smashed my PB by 1:45 and cracked the 93min target as well. I felt pretty comfortable for most of the way through. Thanks for training me.”

Boom! And just like that I had an exhilaration that was like nothing else I can experience in my work. To have three fantastic results in such on the one weekend is truly amazing. Again, Nigel deserves the credit. He is now a very experienced runner and he balances his training around running his own business and he has now become a mentor to many other aspiring runners through Sydney Park Run, Nike Run Club and his own running group.

As mentioned previously, I couldn’t wait to share this information with everyone. But like all athletes and all good personal trainers I find myself today  simply looking for the next challenge. The next challenge for Claire. The next challenge for Stav. The next challenge for Nigel. The next client, the next event, the next and the next and the next.

It is these moments of great success that provide the fuel to strive for the next ‘thing’ whatever that may be. They are also the moments that allow us to continue trying, even if it means trying and failing many times before we have success.

So let me leave you with this: what is your ‘next’? What do you want to be able to do or what or what do you want to be? Whatever it is I’m ready to help. I’m ready to help because there is no greater buzz in life than helping someone achieve a dream. Perhaps the only thing better is achieving the dream for yourself. Well done Claire, Nigel and Stav. Today is your day and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I write a blog about you all brimming with pride.