After taking a year to travel upon graduating from High School, Nicola joined a local health club where she got hooked on group fitness classes. She was fortunate enough to participate in one of the last of Michelle Bridge’s Bodypump classes and the experience cemented the thought that a career in exercise and health was what she was going to pursue.


Nicola completed her tertiary studies at the University of Western Australia and funded her experience by working part time at the University Sport and Recreation Centre teaching group classes and Personal Training. Part of her role was to run the older adults fitness program as well as the female fitness program. Working with these populations not only gave her valuable practical experience, but uncovered a passion for working with these populations. Nicola’s exercise science knowledge, communication skills and passion for making a difference to others’ lives were central to her enjoyment and success in this role.


Since graduating, Nicola has worked in a number of different capacities in the industry including as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, small group functional trainer, exercise specialist and more recently working with some of the Sydney Women’s AFL League gifted and talented players as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Nicola is just as dedicated to her own training, engaging in sports specific strength and conditioning training to enhance her AFL playing. She also teaches Les Mills pre-choreographed group fitness classes, GRIT (HIIT) and RPM, and enjoys the odd triathlon and fun run. 


What has made Nicola successful in her previous roles and her sporting endeavours is the authenticity of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She will bring this passion for exercise and health to her new role at Jarrat Wood PT and looks forward to sharing this with you.