Why I Chose to Work at Longevity

Today, Ketki, an Exercise Physiologist at the Longevity Pymble location shares why she decided to work for Longevity.

‘There are a multitude of reasons to transition from one job to another. My previous few roles as an Exercise Physiologist, while valuable in many aspects, lacked the alignment with my core values and beliefs.

I had wanted to be a part of Longevity for some time now and when the opportunity came my way, needless to say, I jumped at it! 

“Finding a workplace that aligned with my personal values and vision for the future was a professional milestone for me.”

For me, Longevity is more than a workplace. It’s a beacon of change, where we believe in giving the gift of longevity through exercise! It is revolutionising Australia’s approach to health and wellbeing in ways that deeply resonated with me. It was also being a part of larger narrative, a community of passionate clinicians, driven by a shared vision of redefining health and fitness.



Before I had even started a very high level of communication was maintained with me, not just by my future team leader, but with the multiple senior leaders and the director, Jarrat Wood. It made me realise that at the heart of a great workplace lies not just the right environment but people who guide, support and nurture growth.

At Longevity the focus extends far beyond quick fixes and immediate fitness goals. The dedication to enhance both lifespan and health span of clients perfectly aligns with my belief in fostering sustainable well-being. We not only focus on treatment of acute conditions but also improving performance and prevention of chronic conditions in the future.

The best part of Longevity is the individualised, uninterrupted 60-minute consultation. In my previous roles, I mostly did group consultations where I felt I was unable to provide the full value to my clients. After joining Longevity, with the one-to-one consults, I can deliver great results to all my clients and foster great therapeutic relationships along the way!



The concept of lifetime booking at Longevity was something new to me and made me understand the importance of commitment to client’s lifetime well-being. This system ensured consistency in exercise, evolving strategies as goals and supporting clients through every stage of life.

“Longevity’s one to one mentoring is a philosophy that places individual growth at the forefront.”

Having the dedicated time with not just my location team leader but with senior team leaders and team members has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey so far.

What also drew me to Longevity was the promise of career progression without limits, a career trajectory that extended far beyond being a conventional clinician. In essence, Longevity isn’t just a workplace, it’s a catalyst for transformation, where my career has boundless opportunities, and reaffirming that the pursuit of meaningful work is indeed a journey worth taking with Longevity!’

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