Redefining Careers: Angela and Georgia’s Longevity Experience

Meet Angela and Georgia, two remarkable individuals who embarked on their journeys at Longevity almost 6 and 4 years ago, respectively. Neither Angela or Georgia could have predicted at the beginning of their careers with Longevity that they would be where they are today. Angela and Georgia both now find themselves in pivotal non-client facing roles, contributing significantly to the success and growth of Longevity. 

Angela, our Operations Manager, always harboured a business mindset. Initially dreaming of owning her own business back in Griffith, she redshifted her goals once she witnessed the potential for career opportunity and growth at Longevity through her time as location leader at Edgecliff. Her decision was fuelled by the desire to make a substantial impact on a larger scale. Angela began her role of Operations Manager in February this year, immediately having significant impact and effect. A key component of Angela’s role has been providing more support structures for our newer staff members, as well as location leaders. 



On the other hand, Georgia, Head of Marketing and Client Experience, took an unexpected turn in her career. Less than four years into her exercise physiology journey, she found herself in a non-client facing role. Through her time as location leader at Longevity Drummoyne, Georgia discovered immense satisfaction in managing her peers. Realising she could have a more profound impact on community health by helping other exercise physiologists excel. Even in her behind-the-scenes role, she feels intricately connected to the successes of our clients. Georgia also loves being involved with the marketing team and challenging herself to develop new strategies to promote the role of exercise physiologists. 

For a deeper dive into Angela and Georgia’s career progression at Longevity, check out our video. We’re excited to witness the continued achievements of these talented women as they shape the future of Longevity. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our team!



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Written by Georgia Wassall

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