Why your kids need to stay active these school holidays

School holidays are around the corner, which means your child will have a lot of free time coming up.

Every year it seems harder and harder to get the kids outside, off their devices and developing healthy habits. It’s important for every child’s development to continue to be physically active, to build their strength, aerobic fitness and developing their motor skills.







Have you thought about what you’re going to do?

Did you know that after just 2 weeks of inactivity, an individual can start to lose muscle strength, muscle mass, bone strength, have reductions in concentration and increase the incidence of mental health problems.

That’s why it’s so important to plan for the holidays and encourage healthy behaviours.

Use this time as a way for the family to reconnect and exercise together! You could start an internal family fitness competition, have a group walk after lunch, or play backyard cricket outside, whatever the idea is, have something planned. Kids love being active with friends, running around expending their energy and playing games, and now it’s your chance to do it as a family!

Everybody should be exercising for over 20 minutes a day and incorporating resistance training into their routine twice a week. This may look different from adults to kids, and you may be wondering how you’re supposed to integrate this into your week.


An Exercise Physiologist can help!

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is an exercise professional, trained to help educate and plan physical activity individually for you, or as a family! This is a great way to maintain physical activity, and keep a routine throughout these upcoming holidays.

Here at Longevity, we accommodate all needs with home visits, outdoor park sessions, or in house at one of our facilities and gyms.

There’s no excuse! So, put the iPad down, and get moving through exercise as it is the new medicine, and such a great way to fill that extra time over the holiday period as a family.


We’re excited to see how we can best support you & your family to stay physically active throughout this holiday period!

If you’re looking to keep you and your family active these holidays and need help with activities for you or your children, contact Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleBalmainNeutral Bay, Coburg – Melbourne, and Barrie, Ontario – Canada today on 1300 964 002!   


Written by James Calacoci 

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