1. Determination

Failure is never an option in the mind of an elite athlete. They always have that end goal in mind. They never give up, even when the times get tough. Imagine being part of a losing team and no matter what they seem to do, they can’t manage a win. What would you do in this circumstance? I will tell you what an elite athlete wouldn’t do, they wouldn’t give up. So why should you? Be determined to finish your sessions to the best of your ability. Be determined to run the fastest you have run. Be determined to lift the best you have lifted. Be determined to set goals and go out and achieve them. Be determined to be the best form of yourself that you can be. Remember failure is never an option. 

2. Hard work

No one ever said it would be easy! The athletes I have worked with get up at 5am in the morning to run, to lift, to tackle and put their body on the line. Think of your most difficult training session (probably a tabata session or similar), now multiply that by a factor of one thousand and this is what they put themselves through to be the best athletes they can be. No one is asking you to do that, however it is an example of what it takes to be the best.  Many of you have worked hard all your lives to get to a successful stage in your education, your career or your financial position so you know what hard work and sacrifice is. It is now a matter of putting in the hard yards in the gym towards your health to start to see those changes you really want to see. 

3. Putting their health first

Yes, this may seem an odd one considering all the stories we hear about professional athletes. However, there was always a bunch of footballers in every team that put their health first and let me tell you, these were the ones who succeeded on the football field.  Health is the single most important factor in your life and when you realise this you will start to see not only physical changes but mental changes as well. Next time you are out to dinner, maybe say NO to that extra glass of wine and that basket of hot chips. Next time you are grocery shopping just avoid the lollies, chips and soft drink aisle completely. At first it may be hard but trust me after a couple of weeks you will find yourself not wanting them anyway. Once this happens you will really start to see positive changes in your health, which will go hand in hand with the hours you put in at the gym.

4. Motivation

I have never met a footballer who wasn’t motivated. In order to get up every morning and put your body through what they put their bodies through, you need to be motivated. Their end goal is to hold up that premiership trophy at the end of the season. What extra motivation do they need? You need to ask yourself, what motivates you in the gym? Why do you come in week in and week out, and be physically pushed to your limits? Do you want to be a good role model to your children or family members? Do you just want to do it for yourself? Do you have a special occasion coming up? Once you figure out your motivation it is hard to ever look back!

5. Going the extra mile

I worked tirelessly with athletes wanting to push themselves further. After intense conditioning sessions, we would be out on the field for another 30 minutes going over drills or trying to achieve PB’s.  And let me tell you their extra work never went unnoticed because these were the players you would see out on the field week in and week out performing consistently and professionally.  Do you ever find yourself at home not doing anything? Why not make a trip down to the gym or go for a walk, because it is these extra activities that you do, that will make your sessions in the gym easier. This work ethic can also be applied to any injures you may come across. The athletes I worked with never stopped!  Only Three days out of major surgery and they would be back at it, working any areas they could. If they can do it, so can you! Don’t let niggling injuries set you back. You might just surprise yourself what you can do.


Naomi Wallis

Personal Trainer at www.personaltrainingprograms.com.au