3 Ways Exercise Physiology Sessions Can Improve NDIS Participant’s Lives  

Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne,EdgecliffMarrickville,Bella Vista, Randwick, Lindfield and Balmain are Registered NDIS Providers and love helping Participants improve their lives through structured Exercise Physiology treatment. We currently do this by offering gym based, home visits and telehealth sessions.

Starting an exercise program when having a disability can be challenging for some, however with guidance from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) it can be a positive lifestyle change and rewarding experience. Here are 3 ways Exercise Physiology sessions can improve your health and help you reach your goals.

Exercise Physiology sessions help improve and prevent chronic health conditions

Regular exercise has been shown to manage and improve the symptoms associated with many chronic health conditions. Not only can exercise improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, balance and flexibility but it can also improve blood pressure, increase good cholesterol and decrease unhealthy triglycerides. In many neurological conditions it has also been shown to have a neuro-protective effect and slow disease progression.

Exercise Physiology sessions can improve your mental health and social skills

Mental health conditions are more prevalent than ever. Exercise has been shown to improve mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins, our ‘feel good’ hormone. This endorphin release can protect us from future mental health episodes. Exercise has also been shown to improve self-esteem, confidence and social anxiety. For certain individuals Exercise Physiology sessions are a chance to improve their social skills and speak with their practitioner in a safe and comfortable environment.

An Exercise Physiologist can create an individualised program to suit your needs

It does not matter if you have no experience with exercise. An Exercise Physiologist can help you reach your health goals with an individualised program that suits your needs. Exercise Physiologists specialise in clinical exercise prescription and help individuals exercise with chronic conditions e.g. neurological conditions and physical disabilities so that they improve their function and health and wellbeing.

Longevity Exercise Physiologist’s are always helping many NDIS Participants with their health goals. To access Exercise Physiology within your NDIS Plan you must have funding within the Improved Daily Living Skills and Improved Health and Wellbeing Categories.

For more information or to speak directly to a Longevity Exercise Physiologist, Call 1300 964 002



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