We know that for many new grads, the idea of starting your first full time job and be exciting but also daunting. Today, we have asked Michael, our latest Exercise Physiologist to join the team at Randwick and recent new grad, to share his experience. 

My Experience with Longevity has been nothing short of incredible. Like many other graduates, I decided to take a break from university and work by embarking on an overseas trip after completing my studies. While I was away, I thought it was a good idea to start applying for jobs back home, given the uncertainty that awaited me upon my return. To my pleasant surprise, Longevity reached out to me promptly, displaying a genuine commitment to maintaining communication even during my travels. They went the extra mile by arranging my first interview via Zoom while I was still overseas. The flexibility and effort that Longevity exhibited during this time was greatly appreciated. I even had the opportunity to speak with several senior leaders who made the effort to accommodate the time zone differences, allowing me to hit the ground running and transition smoothly into full-time work upon my return to Australia.

From day one at Longevity, I’ve received unwavering support from both my team and the senior leaders. They provided me with the entire team’s contact numbers and encouraged me to reach out to anyone at any time. What surprised me even more was that many of my teammates beat me to it and proactively reached out to help.

The onboarding process was thorough, and I never felt like I was being thrown into the deep end. The checklist they provided clearly set expectations, and if I ever felt uncertain about anything, assistance was readily available. Access to a wealth of resources, including previous meetings recordings, clear systems, and a regular onboarding meeting with our director Jarrat Wood, were invaluable. Starting your first job after university can be a daunting experience, but Longevity never made me feel this way.

The work at Longevity is exceptionally balanced. It encompasses a healthy mix of client interactions, professional development and even opportunities to visit other Longevity sites.

Jarrat Wood, Longevity’s Director, has always made time for me and is just a phone call away.

Every week, I have a one-on-one session with my team leader to discuss my progress and voice any concerns.

The comprehensive onboarding process has not only allowed me to develop my clinical skills but has also fostered my personal growth.

At Longevity, I feel like I am becoming more than just a clinician. I am developing skills that will not only serve me at work but also in life.

Longevity is a place where new grads need not worry about starting their first job. I couldn’t recommend Longevity enough. They go above and beyond to support you and have well-defined plans for you to not only become an outstanding Exercise Physiologist but also to advance in your career. Countless leadership opportunities await and I am excited to see where I will be in 12months time. 

Like many other new grads, I was initially nervous and wondered if I was ready. The answer is a resounding “yes.” With a positive attitude and a willingness to be a team player, you will thrive here. Longevity offers the perfect environment for you to kickstart your career. 

Congratulations Michael on an amazing start to your career at Longevity!

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Written By Michael Heptinstall