Gus is doing a TV series with Foxtel where he undertakes a variety of fitness challenges across a number of sports and disciplines. The challenges are all designed as surprises for the unsuspecting Gus. Gus has engaged the services of a personal trainer and since February has lost 24kgs crashing down from 140kgs to 116kgs in just over 4 months. According to the producers, the previous week he had undertaken bikram (hot) yoga. This week was going to be a challenge right at the other end of the temperature spectrum. The water was a chilly 18 degrees and after waiting around to do several shots of the group surprising Gus with the news about the swim challenge it felt a bit more like 15 degrees. At this point I was wishing that I had a bit more than a rashy to wear: why did I retire my wetsuit into storage??

Surprisingly, once the group of 30 or so hit the water and started our way to the island the body temperature warmed up and it was reasonably comfortable. The swell on the other hand, made for a less than comfortable breathing pattern. It’s approximately 800m out to the island and I arrived with the first of the swimmers and we then waited for the parade of lifeguards and boats supporting Gus to make their way beyond the swell. Gus emerged after the first 800m elated and took a stand on top of one of the many rocks on Wedding Cake Island. Only one thing could dampen his mood, the reality that he still had 800m to swim home!

After watching Gus take his bow on the island most had a body temperature that was drifting below comfortable so with a rush the group headed home.

It wasn’t the easiest swim I’ve had on the way back to the beach but I am relishing the opportunity to take on some different exercise and fitness options at the moment. I was also thoroughly impressed with Gus’ effort in swimming the full 1600m unassisted. His weight loss and fitness levels are an inspiration and I look forward to the tv series which will no doubt motivate those men and women of a certain age that have perhaps have let themselves go a little bit like he had.

My good friend Chris asked me to extend the invite to any of my clients who would like to develop their swimming with the Coogee Surf Club. Every Saturday at 7am swimmers of every level train in groups across the bay.

It’s a very welcoming environment and a great place to meet new people and develop a network of health-minded friends.

On top of being a handy swimming buddy Chris has also offered to give any of my clients a free home loan check-up AND for every person he can’t find a better deal for he’ll swim another lap around Wedding Cake Island! Now that’s a guarantee. Haha. Check him out at