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 Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwick,  PymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay,and Coburg, sat down with Ryan, our team leader at Marrickville, to discuss the challenges of building a location.

When did you start at Longevity? Where are now since you started?

I started at Longevity 18 months ago as a new graduate. I was based at our Marrickville location as the sole Exercise Physiologist. I was excited for the large amount of responsibility and extensive learning opportunities that this role offered. Having started with just myself, I now have a team of 3!

What have you learnt?

My skills as a clinical Exercise Physiologist have developed, but I’ve also developed strong leadership and management skills. The perks of a large team, with more than 30 teammates, is the depth of knowledge available in so many different areas.

Building my own location as a new graduate Exercise Physiologist was a rare show of trust from Longevity that you would not find elsewhere. Who else would give you such an opportunity?

Though I was thrown in the deep end, I was not alone. I had tremendous support from the whole team, and weekly meetings with leaders and mentors. Jarrat and the senior practitioners are extremely generous with their mentoring and investment of resources into every team member.

Longevity has lots of social events, which allowed me to connect more easily with the team and build stronger relationships. These events include company-wide retreats in January and July, quarterly team meetings and social activities every month.

Being a Longevity Exercise Physiologist is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding job. You are making a real difference in the community. It’s been nice to see the company grow, building trust with local health professionals, having clients refer their own family and friends and seeing your clients achieve one goal to the next.

I highly recommend Longevity to any Exercise Physiologist looking to grow themselves!


If you’re a new graduate Exercise Physiologist, or you’re looking for the next challenge, give Longevity Exercise Physiology a call on 1300 964 002 today!

Written by Ryan Hebron.


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