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Cameron* is a 15 year old boy who has been training at Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training at our Drummoyne location since November 2020.

Cameron* was introduced to Longevity through his father who was referred to Georgia (our team leader at at Drummoyne) for exercise treatment in relation to the development of knee osteoarthritis. Cameron* initially attended the gym as a past time, to keep active and be exposed to strength training – although through a conversation had with Cameron’s* father, it was discovered that he was an avid basketballer and had experienced injuries in the past. These injuries resulted in the missing of games, training and time spent with team mates and friends. Cameron* was approached and queried about the idea of partaking in tailored exercise, with the goal to ultimately reduce the risk of injury, improve his performance and time spent with friends, and this was taken with both hands!

Georgia originally took Cameron* under her wing, developed a program with an aerobic and resistive focus and improvements in both physical performance and confidence were quickly observed. This gym based program was utilised for a total of 6 weeks before lockdown and gym closure occurred. Although, this didn’t halt the momentum of Cameron’s progress*, where sessions increased to two 1 hour blocks with each session including a specific goal and outcome. During this lockdown period Cameron* utilised the skills of Kale, our new Exercise Physiologist at Drummoyne, who holds a vast background of strength and conditioning with a variety of athletes. Sessions moved to an outdoor setting, where adjustments were made to fit current circumstances, however goals and desired outcomes stayed consistent.

As the overall load had slightly decreased with the lack of exposure to weight previously implemented in the gym setting, adjustments to exercise tempo and repetition ranges were utilized to increase metabolic stress

As mentioned previously, Cameron’s* background is that of basketball and his goal was to be physically stronger, improve his aerobic fitness and reduce the risk of injury.  This resulted in the development of a full body exercise program implemented in one of our session, which was used to target the large muscle groups of the body with emphasis of specific and targeted stimulus to areas of previous injury. As the overall load had slightly decreased with the lack of exposure to weight previously implemented in the gym setting, adjustments to exercise tempo and repetition ranges were utilised to increase metabolic stress. This is the strongest I have felt”. Currently Cameron* has recorded a 20% increase in both lower and upper body strength.

Aerobic stimulus has been a vital component to our new training block. This has been implemented to mimic which is required in the game of basketball, short, sharp bursts of maximal efforts and the ability to repeat that effort over and over again. Strategies of timed repetitive shuttle running, hill sprinting and lateral plane motion have been a staple in this current program, where improvements again have been observed over the past 8 weeks. The sessions are getting easier”. Cameron* is observing a 10% increase in distance covered within our sessions when compared to similar session duration.

Cameron* is excited to continue his progression and really looking forward to his new basketball season to commence with his newly developed physical attributes and confidence.

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Written by Kale Barton-Bissaker