1. Calf Raises

Stand up on your toes focussing your weight on the big toes, then slowly bring your heels down to the ground. For extra work, go to single leg. You can do approximately 8-12 per minute, pretty much anywhere.

2. Squats From the Chair/Couch

Make sure feet are evenly spaced on the floor. Sit up straight, look forward and put both arms out straight. Stand up by pushing through both heels evenly. Slowly squat back down to sitting position. Repeat.

Now I’ve chosen squats because it’s a great one for when you’re sitting somewhere working or watching TV, but you can literally do this with any exercise you want. When you’re working, set your alarm for once an hour and do one minute of lunges. If you’re watching TV, do pushups during the ads. Everything counts!

3. Take the Stairs/Walk

Take every opportunity to take the stairs instead of the escalator, or walk instead of getting a lift!

4. Standing on one leg

Balance is important in preventing falls. Try standing on one leg for 30s at a time alternating legs. You can do this anywhere, and if you need support you can place your hand on a stable object like a wall or a table. For a challenge, try standing on one leg while brushing your teeth and patting your tummy with your eyes closed quoting the periodic table!

5. Golf Ball Myofascial Release

Myofascial release can help release tension built up in muscles and connective tissue in the body. One simple method is by rolling the bottom of the feet. Sitting down with bare feet, get a golf ball or hard tennis ball and roll the bottom of the foot over the ball. If there are any particularly sore spots, hover over that spot and gently move back and forth over it. Increase the pressure to firm and hold for up to 30s. Repeat on other side or where needed.

This one is really easy. Just leave the ball somewhere close by where you can see it and you will remember to do it!

Ok guys, have fun. These are just some suggestions. If you have specific rehab exercises you can just substitute them in where appropriate, it’s all about making the most of your time. Happy training, I’ll see you all in the gym!

Yours in strength,

Michael Bloch.