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Performing a barbell squat can be quite challenging as there are a lot of technique cues to make it safer and more efficient.

1. Bracing

a. Bracing is the action of increasing intra-abdominal pressure by using our breath and activation of our transverse-abdominus (Core). This pressure is built up within our torso to hold our spine in a rigid position set from our start position and maintained throughout the movement. (For more information on bracing check out my previous blog!)

i. It is really important to brace as it will keep your body much stiffer therefore increasing tension which results in a greater output of force.

ii. Reduces spinal loading

iii. Keeps your spine in a neutral position when descending and ascending in the squat, which can be compromised when the load is heavy.

2. Spreading the floor

Spreading the floor is the action of externally rotating or ‘screwing’ your feet into the ground to engage more of the external hip rotators of the hip. This is will generate more force in your squat from the torque created, along with helping the reduction in knee valgus (knees coming in) when squatting.

3. Chin up – Chest up

It is very common when squatting for people to look down, especially when ascending from a squat. This can be detrimental to your squat as it will promote your chest to be down leading to a more back dominate squat. When completing the entire squat, you want your chest to be up, with shoulder blades retracted and depressed with your chin parallel to the floor. When ascending from a lift, maintain looking forward to promoting an upright position so that you do not fall forward due to being off balance or the weight being quite challenging.

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Written By Guy Beynon