Marcus Enright

Marcus Enright

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and have always had a keen interest in sports. I played tennis for 10 years and then transitioned to basketball for about seven years.

During my exercise and sports science degree at Deakin university, I followed my interest in sports and also discovered a passion for strength training in the gym. This had a profound impact on my confidence and overall health and cemented the fact that I wanted to share with others these benefits.

I then became fascinated by the immense impact exercise has on chronic disease treatment and prevention, I followed my desire to helping people live longer and healthier lives, and continued my studies at Deakin to receive my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.

During my studies I was able to hone my skills as a personal trainer. I helped people achieve various health and fitness goals and integrate exercise as a lifestyle and not just a quick fix. I believe that exercise is medicine and it’s never too late for someone to begin their exercise journey.

I am a massive sports fan and follow the NBA, AFL and tennis very closely. I also love playing basketball with friends, video games, strength training and hiking.


Coburg, Melbourne

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