Miles Apart, Success Together: Stefan’s Story at Longevity

Embarking on a full-time career as a new graduate can be an intimidating prospect, and the challenges multiply when your team is scattered miles away. Today, we ask Stefan,  team leader at  our Coburg location, how support systems in place at Longevity actively contributed to shaping his career, and allowed him to build Coburg from an empty caseload to a team of two. 

I wrapped up my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology in June 2022 and dove straight into the world of Longevity in July of the same year. Starting with an empty case load and a team miles away, the beginning was undeniably challenging. Yet, looking back, I can confidently say it was the best decision I’ve made for my career.

As a recent graduate, all I craved from my first job was an environment that would foster learning and help me evolve as a clinician. But Longevity offered more – an opportunity to understand the ins and outs of running a successful allied health business. The growth I’ve experienced in both these realms has been beyond my expectations.

One of the standout features at Longevity is the emphasis on continuous professional development. With over three hours of professional development with the whole team each week, and having the senior leadership team just a call away for guidance, has been a game-changer.

Regular trips to Sydney for conferences, the Christmas party, and retreats have kept me closely connected with the team, despite the physical distance.

Embarking on my career journey at Longevity Exercise Physiology, the support from the team proved to be an invaluable asset. Building a client case load, a skillset not covered in university coursework, was a daunting task, but the unwavering support from my Longevity team transformed it into a rewarding experience. Through mentorship, collaborative problem-solving, and a commitment to continuous professional development, I gradually mastered the art of cultivating a robust client base. The journey, though challenging, reached a significant milestone earlier this year with the successful hiring of Tammy, marking the expansion and success of Longevity Coburg. 


In the year and a half since joining Longevity, I can genuinely say that I’ve never learned more in my life. For anyone stepping into a role in a new location, I can vouch that it’s a fantastic learning experience. The growth, both professionally and personally, is tremendous.

Looking forward, I’m excited about what the future holds for me at Longevity. There are no ceilings to my career here, and that’s not just a slogan. In-depth discussions with my leaders about my aspirations, both professional and personal, have been met with unwavering support. Longevity isn’t just a workplace; it’s a place where goals are transformed into reality.

Early on, I grasped a crucial lesson – growth doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable. You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Embracing this discomfort has been the key to my personal and professional development, and it’s a principle I urge others to adopt.

So, here’s to the journey with Longevity – a journey that has not only shaped my career but serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities awaiting those willing to step out of their comfort zones. The future, I believe, holds boundless opportunities for not just me but for everyone at Longevity Exercise Physiology.

Congratulations Stefan on a fantastic start to your career at Longevity, we are looking forward to watching you achieve great things in Melbourne!

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Written By Stefan Velevski


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