A Client Perspective: The Advantages of Having Direct Contact with Your Exercise Physiologist

Prior to your first consultation with our Exercise Physiologists at Longevity, you will engage in direct communication with them, establishing a foundation for your ongoing journey with us. Throughout your experience, you will maintain direct contact with your Exercise Physiologist, who serves as your dedicated accountability partner. This open line of communication guarantees a personalised and responsive approach, reflecting our commitment to prioritising your health and well-being. 


Grayson, our Exercise Physiologist at Pymble, has asked two of his clients, Elizabeth and Annabelle, to share how having direct contact with their exercise physiologist has improved their experience with Longevity.  

Elizabeth had come into contact with Grayson and Longevity through a community Facebook group in late 2022 experiencing back pain and weight gain throughout a tough time in the Covid-19 lockdowns. She has experienced periods of back pain flare ups along with other life challenges.

Annabelle has been training with Longevity since mid 2023. Her first point of contact was with Grayson in a pre-initial phone call. They de-briefed her extensive health history which allowed them to have a head start on the initial assessment and already established rapport.

Has having a direct contact line with your Longevity EP  helped overcome any barriers you have had?

E: I am autistic and my preference is to message someone or speak face to face, rather than call a central line not knowing who is going to answer, or when my call will be returned. For many people, not just those of us who are neurodivergent, that format of contact/communication can build layers of unnecessary, sometimes insurmountable stress into a process.  Direct contact also aids open communication of more complex or sensitive topics I may not be comfortable raising face to face.

A: I think Grayson and Luke were the first allied health professionals  that I’ve had direct contact with. It really helps build the relationship and facilitates great support levels.

Do you think it’s beneficial having this contact? Why?

E: 100% beneficial.  It makes me feel way more comfortable with someone I spend 2 hours of my week doing things which are extremely challenging for me.

Being autistic means I can’t always access the words I need, at the time I need them, particularly as exercise can overload various senses.  Similar to how people ‘turn down the music so they can see better’ in the car, autistic sensory overload means my body is talking to my brain, but my senses are yelling at me, drowning out my ability to access the part of my brain which tells my mouth to speak the right (or any) words.  I can file questions at the time, then provide answers or useful feedback for future sessions when my senses have settled down…. for example, ‘if you make me do lunges again I will end you’.

G: It’s very beneficial in Annabelle’s case. Our frequent check in’s post session help me to plan ahead for our second session of the week. It also leaves no surprises when I’m programming and planning for our sessions so that we can get the best benefits!

Having direct contact with your clients – that’s not normal, is it?

It’s untraditional, but it’s the Longevity way!  Having direct contact with our clients has so many benefits for them and for us. Being in direct contact with them allows us to:

  • Check-in to see how they are feeling after the session – so we can alter their session as needed
  • Keep them accountable to their homework and strategy 
  • Be in contact with them for any health advice they may need.
  • Being up to date with anything going on in their life ahead of their sessions, so that we can alter them ahead of time and deliver a quality session
  • Have unmatched rapport built with the clients, offer them support and advice in real-time settings.

In conclusion, while having direct contact with clients may be considered unconventional, it embodies the distinctive approach of Longevity. This practice proves invaluable, providing numerous benefits such as the ability to tailor sessions based on immediate feedback, ensuring accountability, offering timely health advice, and fostering a strong rapport. Our commitment to maintaining this unique connection underscores our dedication to delivering personalised and high-quality service to our clients.


Ready to have a direct line to Longevity? Call Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay and Coburg on 1300 964 002 to learn more.

Written By Grayson Kieran

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