Fun in the sun!

As you all have probably noticed, the weather is heating up, and with summer just around the corner and all the beautiful days we have been experiencing lately there is no excuse for you to be stuck indoors all the time. Just being outside is a great motivator for us to stay active and is conducive to movement and exercise. We live in one of the most beautiful summer cities in the world so take advantage of it and get out there!

4 reasons to take your workouts outside this summer:

  1. Get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun
  2. Improve cardiovascular fitness, increase strength, lose weight and sweat!
  3. Have fun and train with your family and friends
  4. Water workouts will keep your heart rate up whilst limiting the stress on your body

Outdoor workout suggestions

Park workouts

By using your own body weight, you can still build muscle just as effectively as you can by lifting weights. All you really need is something to push on or pull on and some open space where you can activate your muscles and get moving. The park is a perfect place for this whether or not they have workout stations in them. A park bench, swings and monkey bars can simply be turned into gym equipment which is all you need for a total-body workout. The park bench can be used for push ups, triceps dips, bench jumps, step ups, lunges, and toe taps. The monkey bars can be used for chin ups and pull ups. Or simply go for a run around the park and maybe chuck some interval sprints in there. Just grab your dogs, your kids or your mates and get out there! As you may be used to working out in our air-conditioned gym, remember to stay hydrated, take a hat and sunscreen, and try to train in the shade where possible.

Using your own body weight, you can build muscle just as effectively as by lifting weights.

Surfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

Surfing is a full body workout as you strengthen your arms and shoulders when paddling, your core when you’re balancing on the board, and your legs when you’re standing up gliding down that wave. Whilst standing up on a wave you should be holding your upper body forward of your legs in an extended position which works the deepest abdominal muscles to transfer forces from your feet up through your arms. When you’re out in the water hanging ten, time will pass by in no time and you’ll be working out without even noticing. This is a super fun way to work out in the sun whilst enjoying yourself.

A SUP workout can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be

The SUP is becoming more and more popular these days (even the best doctors in Sydney are doing it:) There are many variations including surfing, Pilates, yoga and cardio workouts. SUP is great for your body and focuses on your legs, shoulders and core strength, and is also great for your stability. A SUP workout can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. So whether you’re enjoying a SUP day out with friends or surfing the waves you’ll be having fun whilst having a great body workout. If you are lucky you may even see me SUPing with my dog on the board in Rose Bay on the weekends!


Water workouts are great for the mind, body and spirit. Swimming can be done at your local pool or in the ocean. Lap swimming in your pool is an awesome cardio workout which helps build muscular endurance in your back, glutes, shoulders and core. By working out in the water you are relieving your bones and joints of the stresses from gravity and body mass that may occur in a normal workout. This is a great option for anyone with arthritis or who is trying to rehab an injury.

Swimming is an awesome cardio workout which helps build muscular endurance in your back, glutes, shoulders and core

Ocean swimming still has the great benefits of lap swimming but is more challenging as your dealing with the ocean currents and swell. Always be safe when swimming in the ocean and go talk to your local life guards about the conditions and distance of the beach before starting to swim somewhere new. The journal of Applied Psychology, Health and Wellbeing found that people who exercised outdoors compared to indoor swimmers received the same physical results however the outdoor participants saw greater emotional health benefits as you get the feel-good factor of being in a natural environment.

These are just a few suggestions. If you want any ideas for exercises you can do in the park, or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our great trainers or send us a message!

See you in the gym 🙂