Client Success Story: Training adaptation through ACL rehab during COVID-19


A quick look at how Exercise Physiology sessions have been adapted during COVID-19 Gym Closures and how the team are continuing to help a variety of our clients to exercise safely and continue with their normal treatment and rehabilitation. 

Meet Sarah*, a Touch-football athlete from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who is 8 months post ACL surgery.

Longevity Exercise Physiology has been treating Sarah from day one, helping her with pre-habilitation (prior to surgery), rehabilitation (after surgery) and most recently with her return to sport program.

Up until mid-March when gyms closed as a result of COVID-19, Sarah had been seeing her Exercise Physiologist for gym-based sessions.

Sarah and her Exercise Physiologist discussed the various training options available, and after trying clinic-based exercise and outdoor sessions, decided that training outdoors was the most enjoyable and beneficial for Sarah.

For the last 3 weeks, Sarah has been training twice a week outdoors. She has been able to continue with a circuit-based strength program which compliments her independent, home-based strength program.

Instead of using the traditional treadmill/bike combination for cardio, Sarah is now doing a combination of sprints and middle distance runs at the park with her Exercise physiologist, in conjunction with her own independent running/walking program.

Sarah has also been able to increase her agility and sports-specific training due to outdoor space favouring the set-up of agility courses and sprint intervals. As a result, both Sarah and her exercise physiologist have noticed a significant improvement in coordination and stability as well as an increased feeling of confidence. This has meant that Sarah has been able to set new goals and discuss the return-to-sport timeline with her Exercise Physiologist with reduced anxiety about her injury.

*name changed for privacy

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