What we can learn from the Olympics

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The Olympic games are more than just sports. They portray what can perhaps be called the core and essence of humanity. It represents our struggles, hopes, dreams, and victories.

At the Olympics, we see our fellow humans stretched to their limits emotionally, physically, psychologically and we relate and connect with this deeply.

There is a lot to be learned from the wonderful athletes who make the Olympic games what it is. We could all learn some lessons from athletes regarding success. Common behavioural traits of many successful athletes are also seen in successful entrepreneurs, families, and everyday workers like ourselves. Lets have a look at a few traits Olympians possess and how it relates to us.

Goal Setting: Setting a goal and then working out a plan with your Exercise Physiologist and healthcare professionals will enable actionable task to work towards accomplishing that goal. Olympians don’t succeed by chance, they set short and long term goals to enable them to reach the performance level at the end of a four year cycle. Setting short term goals daily, weekly can assist you to reach your larger goals 3-6 months down the road.

Motivation and Determination: Being motivated and determined by your actions and goals allows you to give your concentration and attention towards attaining those desired results. Finding the ‘why’ for your endeavours will give you direction and meaning which will identify your determination in completing that desired goal.

Our Exercise Physiologists are here to help provide encouragement and direction when things become difficult or challenging

Hard work and Perseverance:  This means never giving up. Keep pressing toward the goal. If the desired outcome truly means something to you, your health and well-being or the impact it would have on your family and work, it is worth putting in the hard work. Our Exercise Physiologists are here to help provide encouragement and direction when things become difficult or challenging.

Practice positive thinking: Olympic athletes monitor what they think and say about their actions and performance. They learn how to replace negative thinking with encouragement. We should all listen to what we are saying to ourselves about our actions and performance. Correcting negative thoughts by consciously thinking more positive thoughts can help sustain motivation towards our desired outcome goal. It is beneficial to discuss with your Exercise Physiologist any negative thoughts or doubts about your experience or goals, interrupting negative thoughts and replacing them with constructive ones will have a real effect on you attaining your goals.

Watching the Olympics is inspirational because it celebrates the resilience and passion of the human spirit, highlighting that anything is possible if you go after it. With the Paralympics beginning in Tokyo, it is another opportunity to gain insight into the traits discussed above. These lessons are for all ages at every stage of our life as we work towards our increase health and well-being.

What are your current goals? Go after them with passion, purpose, and perseverance. Contact us on 1300 964 002 to take the next step towards your goals.

Written by Kyle Cranston

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