Why is it a better time than ever to see an Exercise Physiologist?

Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology are still OPEN for business. Longevity are available for outdoor sessions and home visits in EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield, Drummoyne and surrounding areas as well as ONLINE through Telehealth, meaning you can be exercising anywhere with our guidance!

Most of us are now working from home, which means we have more time on our hands, GOOD THING, however we don’t have that extra incidental activity, BAD THING! As we have more time, there’s no better time than NOW to look after your health. As we are staying home more, engaging in structured exercise or ensuring you maintain your strength and fitness to that of your pre-isolation status is paramount.

As an Exercise Physiologist, working from home, most days I look to see that I have only done ~2000 steps at around 3pm as my day often consists of morning appointments. I am lucky that I can get up and demonstrate exercises, enabling me to loosen my joints and muscles, however I don’t have that extra incidental activity like walking from my office to the other end of the gym, or walking from home to my car and car into work. You will be surprised as to how much this actually adds up! For those who are office workers, I could imagine you do fewer steps, unless you’re constantly running to the fridge to snack, which won’t be helping with your weight!

Why use Telehealth NOW?

With more time and a decrease in incidental activity, booking an online Telehealth consultation with an Exercise Physiologist can benefit you to start, maintain or improve your health. Telehealth is easy to use and it’s like you have an Exercise Physiologist right there with you, as you would in a gym or clinic setting. An Exercise Physiologist can assess, prescribe and monitor your exercise, also setting some weekly targets for you to reach. An Exercise Physiologist can also give you some tips to do throughout your working day to eliminate the stiff or sore muscles you may experience from a long day of sitting down at your computer. Now that you may have more time and fewer other commitments, you can be taking the opportunity to even better your strength and fitness than what it previously was or setting new goals to achieve.



More reasons why you should be exercising NOW

If your activity levels drop off for the next 3-6 months, or however long we are in isolation for, you will be deconditioned, muscle soreness will be present and you could be at a higher risk of injury when you do return to exercise. Furthermore, inactivity can also cause a higher risk of other conditions such as overweight and obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

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— Written by Angela Vitucci

Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology are offering free 15 minute set up and strategy sessions for Telehealth. Call 1300 964 002 to enquire today.



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