Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology understand that training at home can be difficult right now, however it doesn’t have to be. Although our locations are in EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield and Drummoyne , we can now service you at home, wherever that may be, thanks to Telehealth.

A lot of people have begun training at home whether it be going for a walk or run, having a home program or joining in with online sessions. However, Longevity can offer you INDIVIDUALISED and GUIDED exercise.

It may only be a couple of weeks in since our everyday activities have changed but are you starting to think, ‘Hmm, I haven’t exercised as much as what I thought I would’, or ‘I’m lacking motivation to do it at home’?

Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology can help you maintain, or begin, your exercise routine through Telehealth. Longevity’s Exercise Physiologists provide individualised programming ensuring you have the adequate training with progressive overload adaptations. In your initial appointment with Longevity, baseline assessments are conducted to ensure you begin at the appropriate level. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time (SMART) goals are created to guide your exercise programming. Your Exercise Physiologist will ensure you have correct technique with all exercises by demonstrating to you and/or verbally cuing you. Small progressions are made each session as you build strength and fitness.

Benefits of Telehealth Exercise Sessions

Our Exercise Physiologists can be right there with you, virtually, guiding you through your exercise session. Having guidance by an Exercise Physiologist is beneficial for a number of reasons:

1. Having a set appointment makes you accountable to do your exercise, and having guidance from an Exercise Physiologist will ensure you that you are exercising in a safe and effective manner.

2. It doesn’t matter if you have equipment or not in your home. You may not realise what props you have laying around the house that can be utilised for different exercises. Our Exercise Physiologists can come up with bespoke exercise solutions even if you have limited space.

3. If you are just beginning to exercise, jumping into an online exercise class may be too difficult for you, making your long term commitment unlikely, and potentially causing injury.

4. Doing the same program for weeks or months on end will not allow you to achieve the same results as individualised programming will. Also, boredom can set in if you are completing the same program or online class.

5. Every 4-6 weeks testing will occur to compare your pre and post results. This will help to keep you accountable every day and reassess, monitor and set new SMART goals.


Written by Angela Vitucci


When you are ready to book in a Telehealth session with Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology, contact us on 1300 964 002. Free 15 minute set up and trials are encouraged.