The Exercise Physiology Branch of Longevity

The Exercise Physiology branch of Longevity continues to grow and this week we officially welcome Laura Long to our team at Edgecliff. Laura is a youthful practitioner but brings extraordinary experience with her and has made a big move from Mareeba in Queensland all the way to Sydney to find a home here with Longevity at Edgecliff and our partner, Regenesis Fitness.

Exercise Physiologists Have Amazing Qualifications With a Minimum 4 year Degree Required

Exercise Physiologists also require comprehensive ongoing education as they are considered an Allied Health Professional. Compared to an Exercise Scientist or personal trainer they generally have a higher understanding of medical, pathological and metabolic conditions and how to prescribe exercise to support and treat these conditions.

More specifically, an Exercise Physiologist can provide the following services:

  • Private sessions and Private Health Insurance Rebates
  • Enhanced Primary Care Plan and Medicare Rebates with a referral from your GP
  • Eligible Dept of Veteran’s Affairs candidates can access up to 3 x 30min sessions per week with a GP referral
  • WorkCover programs
  • Lifetime Care Plan programs

For more information on how an Exercise Physiologist can help you visit:

Here is a little more information about Laura in her own words:

I grew up in Tasmania before my parents decided a change of climate was in order and we moved to Mareeba, west of Cairns in Far North Queensland. It was here that my passion for swimming and the outdoors grew. I began swimming competitively before my coach approached me to teach and coach swimming. My focus shifted as I spent more time on pool deck than in the water. I loved the coaching and decided it was time to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

I Studied Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University

I coached swimming throughout the duration of my degree. I then went on to complete my studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology as my interest in rehabilitation grew. During my 4th year placement my supervisor offered me a position and it was here that my knowledge excelled exponentially and I began teaching group fitness classes.

In Mareeba, I worked very closely with a group of veterans known as Dad’s Army. They nicknamed me the Princess of Pain as I pushed them through gruelling training sessions. The Veterans ranged from 60-80year olds many of whom had complex health histories from knee replacements and musculoskeletal injuries all the way to heart conditions. One day one of my clients approached me with the crazy idea to compete in the Great Wheelbarrow Race. Now this race involves pushing a wheelbarrow 144km from Mareeba to Chillagoe along corrugated roads and the Lappa range over 3 days. Once we established that the Veterans were indeed serious about partaking in this event I trained them three times a week in preparation for the race. They went through individualised gym strengthening programs, group based sessions, road running sessions and yes some of them even sprinted with the wheelbarrow.

As the race approached I jumped on the bus and ran along beside the team spurring them on, massaging, strapping and time keeping. My biggest accomplishment was getting them over the finish line injury free!

The Dad’s Army went on to compete in the race 4 years running and each year their times and fitness improved. I hope to foster the same contagious attitude towards health and fitness. I endeavour to inspire others just as myself and the community was inspired by the Dad’s Army.

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Laura will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your body composition, cardiovascular fitness and strength.

If you are looking to start personal training and exercise physiology in Sydney, we are more than eager here at Longevity PT to get you started! Our team of personal trainers and exercise physiologists is ready to give you the best tailored exercise program to achieve your very personal goals. Partnered with other quality health professionals in Sydney suburbs such as Edgecliff, Double Bay and Lindfield we are looking forward to giving you the best shot at achieving your health goals, whether it’s weight loss, energy or muscle training. Don’t hesitate, book in today!