Longevity Exercise Physiology at Hive Active Lindfield is Officially Open

The team at Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology are please to announce that we are now open for business in Lindfield at Hive Active, Lindfield. Longevity is offering Exercise Physiology services at this fantastic family and community-focused facility. This will compliment our existing personal training and exercise physiology services at Regenesis Fitness, Edgecliff.

For those that are unfamiliar with exercise physiology you can consider them an “overqualified” personal trainer. Exercise Physiologists require a 4 years degree which has a higher focus on exercise as a medical intervention to prevent and treat disease. This includes a diverse range of conditions but most commonly it is musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure and high cholesterol and diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2).

Benefits of Exercise Physiology Include:

  • a broad range of rehabilitation and disease management knowledge
  • experts in exercise for performance, preparation and recovery
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs eligible clients are provided with fully bulk-billed sessions (up to 3 sessions per week)
  • Enhanced Primary Care Plan patients are eligible for up to 5 bulk-billed sessions (ask your GP)
  • Private Health Rebates are available (check with your insurer)

James Davis is our resident Exercise Physiologist in Lindfield and here is an introduction to James and his story in his own words:

“I grew up in Toowoomba, in South East Queensland. It was here, after a rugby injury, that the seed of a career in Exercise and Rehabilitation was planted. At the tender age of 13 I wasn’t overly committed to my exercise program, but after recurring injuries and some wise words from treatment providers I decided to stick to it. This allowed me to continue exercising and gave me first hand insight into what Allied Health Professionals can do for you. I felt more motivated, I was able to continue exercising and play sport and also lost weight which I had been needing to do. After all of these experiences, I decided that I wanted a career in health and fitness.

“I trust that my knowledge of the human body, how it moves and how it keeps us living well will translate into me being able to educate you, empower you and make you understand the importance of the right exercise.”

Now, as a fully qualified Exercise Scientist and Exercise Physiologist I is a big believer in getting everybody to move right, get stronger, fitter and healthier. Looking back at 13 year old me I understand how daunting it can be starting a new exercise routine or how difficult completing “homework” that has been assigned to you can be. I am confident that I can provide you with the tools you need to approach these areas with a positive light and see the benefits firsthand.

I trust that my knowledge of the human body, how it moves and how it keeps us living will translate into me being able to educate you, empower you and make you understand the importance of the right exercise. Wether it be helping you control niggling injuries, rehabilitating from large ones or becoming a healthier and fitter you. I want to be able to help you do that!

I am an avid follower of most sports,  play touch football and enjoy challenging myself in the gym. I have a diverse love of music and consider myself very approachable, so feel free to come and chat if you see me around.”

For more information regarding Exercise Physiology visit Exercise and Sport Science Australia.

If you are looking to start personal training and exercise physiology in Sydney, we are more than eager here at Longevity PT to get you started! Our team of personal trainers and exercise physiologists is ready to give you the best tailored exercise program to achieve your very personal goals. Partnered with other quality health professionals in Sydney suburbs such as Edgecliff, Double Bay and Lindfield we are looking forward to giving you the best shot at achieving your health goals, whether it’s weight loss, energy or muscle training. Don’t hesitate, book in today!

Special Lindfield Opening Offers:

Book in for:

  • 1 session per week $110 and receive a bonus 30min health and functional movement screen i.e. (90min session)


  • 2 sessions per week and pay only $100 per session


  • 3 sessions per week and pay only $90 per session 


  • Email info@longevitypt.com.au with the subject “Lindfield” to claim this offer.

Did you know the average Longevity Client:

  1. Does 2 personal training or exercise physiology sessions per week and trains an average of 46 weeks of the year (we all need a holiday or two)
  2. Our highest recorded weight loss for a client is over 66kgs (146kgs down to 80kgs). Yes, it still amazes us too!

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