Scared of Going to a Gym?

At Longevity Exercise Physiology Lindfield, Edgecliff, Marrickville, Randwick, Drummoyne, Balmain and Bella Vista we pride ourselves on being able to support anyone wanting to exercise so that they can reach their health and fitness goals. These are some of the benefits of seeing a Longevity Exercise Physiologist if you are considering returning to exercise in this post COVID environment:

Personalised Exercise Program

We know that every client is different, has varying health concerns and requires an individualised strategy to improve their health long term. After a detailed health assessment and baseline testing, our Exercise Physiologist’s will create a framework for you that will help you achieve your goals. Each exercise session is personalised to you and can be amended if and when required.

1-1 Guidance During the Session

At Longevity Exercise Physiology you will receive 1 on 1 guidance during the session. This means that we are with you for the entire duration of your session. We give guidance on things such as the structure of your sessions, lifting technique, the loads you lift, the intensity of the exercise and nutrition.

Clean and Sanitised Environment

Exercising in this post COVID environment can be challenge for some. The new rules mean that you may need to check in to the gym to note attendance, have your temperature checked, clean equipment and sanitise your hands. With Longevity Exercise Physiologist’s we take care of all of that for you so that you feel at ease while in the gym and can focus on what you came to do, exercise.

Supportive Community

One of the best parts about exercising with Longevity Exercise Physiology is the supportive environment. Within each location there is a community of like-minded individuals wanting to better their health over the long term. While exercising you may meet many different people and even make some long-lasting friendships.

If you’re scared to start exercising in the gym and would like some guidance then please speak to the Longevity Exercise Physiologists by calling 1300 964 002.

Written By Daniel Elias Arciuli

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