The Longevity Exercise Physiologists in Drummoyne, Edgecliff, Marrickville, Bella Vista, Randwick, Linfield and Balmain work with rehabilitating all types of injuries to help our clients achieve their goals and continue living healthy, active lives. Exercise Physiologist Guy shares with us a recent breakthrough he had with one if his clients.

Jack* has had a history of back pain on and off for the past 20 years! I started working with him 6 weeks ago and he is now moving pain free and far more comfortably.

When I met Jack, his strength and confidence in movement was limited by pain. In our first session together, he was quite timid when it came to loading his spine and was hesitant to complete a deadlift or a squat.

During our sessions together, we would focus on building his confidence in movement, correctly bracing and developing strength in his legs, hips and lower back. We also expanded Jack’s exercise knowledge so he would feel comfortable to train independently.

Important factors that helped his rehabilitation:

  • Teaching optimal technique for floor to waist lifting and squatting for his joint mobility.
  • Constant cueing during exercise, however not overloading with information.
  • Education surrounding pain and exercise – especially that Pain doesn’t always equal injury!
  • Constant communication about how his pain is to gauge intensity of each session and external factors which can influence his pain experience.

Jack has now reignited his love for resistance training and has begun to train more within his own time. He is getting stronger each week. He is now able to complete most tasks pain free and is increasing his sitting and standing tolerance too.

If you are currently experiencing back pain or coming back from an injury and want to try some exercise, all our Exercise Physiologists are experts in prescribing exercise specific to your needs!

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*Clients name changed for privacy purposes

Written By Guy Beynon