8 weeks ago, Stav wasn’t able to run this race. At 6 weeks, she was a 10% chance. At 4 weeks, 20% chance. At 2 weeks 40% chance. Even with a week to go, it was maybe just above a 50% chance. We didn’t discuss. We didn’t need to. The were more important challenges to tackle. That makes Sunday all the more impressive. With some terrific help from the guys at Bay Active Physio and some real grittiness from Stav to uphold her commitment to compete, the job was done. 2hrs 15mins and a performance that can only be improved with a smoother preparation at her next event. Well done, Stav! Your grit would impress Rocky and Wayne Bennett (inside joke). 



As a new staff member I’m sure Rachel felt more than a little pressure to perform well. She not only performed well but exceeded expectations. At 1hr 45mins, this is a truly impressive performance. The pacing was faster than Rachel completed the 14km City2Surf in last year. It’s the kind of performance that people stand up and take notice of, especially when it is your first half marathon. 



Another first-timer to the half marathon distance. Ben is in that brilliant position at the moment where his all-round fitness allows him to pick and choose events and new challenges as he pleases. This was another such example and he hit his pacing goals to run a 1hr 42min time. It’s a fantastic luxury to have and I an only encourage Ben to maintain his current levels as it opens up doors to many opportunities and a heck of a lot of fun and pride. Great job!



You know you’re a serious runner when 1hr 33mins isn’t pleasing. Running only just over a minute outside of his PB, Nigel completed yet another solid performance. He was backing up from the Canberra Marathon only a month earlier and it wasn’t the ideal preparation but I know he wouldn’t make excuses. At the end of the day it is an awesome time and ranks him in the upper echelons for his age group. I think there is a serious marathon PB coming in the future, Nigel!



It was a great pleasure to compete with clients (and staff) in this event. I hadn’t done a distance event for well over 6 years as I had been focusing on my sprinting. That said, I really enjoyed changing up my training and testing all of those sessions that anyone who does cardiovascular training with us knows very well. Yes, over the last week I’ve done the submax, intervals, elevations, tabata, 12min run, long base run and some time trials. And guess what? They were tough. Really tough. But they work. I ran a time of 1hr 26min and it was made all the better to be able to share it with the group. 

Congratulations to everyone and I look forward to the next challenge.


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